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Apologies for Absence.


To consider the extent, if any, to which the public and press are to be excluded from the meeting.


Declarations of Interest, if any.


Minutes of the Council Meeting held on 18th November, 2021. pdf icon PDF 265 KB


To receive any announcements from the Chair of Council, the Mayor, Members of the Cabinet or the Head of Paid Service.


Questions from the public in accordance with Council Procedure Rule 13.

(a)  Question from Mr Doug Wright on behalf of ‘Keep Our NHS Public’ to the Mayor of Doncaster, Ros Jones:-


“South Yorkshire Integrated Care Board (SYICB) will take responsibility for all health and care decision making from all South Yorkshire local areas in July.


SYICB membership should (amongst others) include Councillors from each local authority; representatives from Social Care, Mental Health, Public Health, Community Health, Primary Care, Acute Health, Carers and Trade Union representatives.  Private sector providers of NHS funded health services should be ineligible for SYICB membership.


Will Doncaster Council support the above proposals to demonstrate there is accountability to the public, patients and staff; to ensure openness and transparency in the SYICB decision making, including public access to Board papers and Board meetings and allow public questions?”

A. Items where the Public and Press may not be excluded.

For Decision


Director of Public Health Annual Report 2021. pdf icon PDF 367 KB

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Statement of Licensing Policy 2022 - Gambling Act 2005. pdf icon PDF 433 KB

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Community Safety Strategy 2022/25. pdf icon PDF 375 KB

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Support for Elected Members - Parental Leave Policy and Index Linking of Allowances. pdf icon PDF 341 KB

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Arrangements for the Appointment of External Auditors. pdf icon PDF 288 KB


Proposed Diary of Meetings - 2022/24. pdf icon PDF 300 KB

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Overview and Scrutiny Update - May to December 2021. pdf icon PDF 324 KB


To consider the following Motion, written notice of which has been given by Councillor Andy Pickering and Seconded by Councillor Rob Reid, in accordance with Council Procedure Rule 16.1:-

Better Buses


“That this Council:-


(a)      agrees with the former UN Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights, Prof. Philip Alston, that “abandoning people to the private market” by deregulation bus services “is incompatible with human rights requirements.”;


(b)      understands that the Government's impact assessment of the Bus Service Act (2017) highlighted that bus franchising (public control) would better address six out of seven local transport authority objectives compared to an enhanced partnership and was the only method likely to deliver a “significant increase in patronage.”;


(c)       understands that the South Yorkshire Combined Authority intends to establish an Enhanced Partnership with bus operators, leaving final say over the network in their hands, despite the evidence that, according to the Centre for Cities, partnerships are a “fudge which stops mayors from delivering the quality bus networks their electorate rightly expect” while a former UN Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty called for them to be “phased out.”;


(d)      welcomes the recommendations of the “South Yorkshire Bus Review,” published in June 2020, that the “legal and financial investigation of franchising in South Yorkshire begin immediately” and that “a decision be made no later than 3 years after publication of this report.”;


(e)      notes that a legal and financial investigation, as outlined in the Bus Services Act 2017 and National Bus Strategy has not yet been launched and requires the release of a statutory “notice of intent to prepare a franchising assessment.”;


(f)        welcomes the plans of the Combined Authority to bring forward “proposals for the January MCA meeting to consider starting the formal process of investigating bus franchising;”


(g)      acknowledges that the costs of franchising cannot be estimated accurately until a “notice of intent” has been released and the associated statutory powers to access bus operators' commercial data employed;


Therefore requests the Administration to request the Doncaster representative on the Combined Authority:-


(i)        request the Combined Authority hold a vote to release a “notice of intent to prepare a franchising assessment” at its meeting on the 24th of January, or the earliest date thereafter;


(ii)     vote in favour of releasing a notice of intent;


(iii)    inform the Combined Authority of its support for taking a final decision within the timescales set out by the Bus Review.”


To consider the following Motion, written notice of which has been given by Councillor Majid Khan and Seconded by Councillor Sarah Smith, in accordance with Council Procedure Rule 16.1:-

Banning the release of Balloons and Sky Lanterns on land owned by Doncaster Council


“Many organisations have drawn attention to the problem of sky lantern and balloon releases and the call to ban such releases nationally is supported by the Marine Conservation Society, RSPCA, RSPB, BASC and the National Farmers’ Union.


Releasing of sky lanterns may appear an impressive sight, but they can be dangerous and there is no way of predicting where they will land.


Some of the main dangers include:-


·      Lanterns have caused fires on an industrial scale; destroying acres of crops, farm buildings and stored food supplies as well as killing or injuring farm animals;


·      Lanterns and balloons cause significant litter problems on land and in our rivers, posing a risk to livestock and marine animals which mistake balloons for food;


·      Lanterns and balloons causing Injury or death to animals through ingestion, entanglement and entrapment.


Numerous UK local authorities have agreed to implement a ban on balloon and lantern releases on their land as a result of increasing concerns relating to the dangers highlighted above.


There is currently no national UK legislation available to control this issue, but in order to demonstrate the Council’s continued commitment to improving the attractiveness of the Borough and tackling the detrimental impact of debris resulting from such releases, I propose that Council supports the following motion.


That Doncaster Council resolves:-


·      To ban the release of sky lanterns and balloons on all Council-owned land and public open space;


·      To discourage the release of Sky Lanterns and Balloons at any events licensed by Doncaster Council and ensure any third parties who lease Council property observe the ban on balloon and sky lantern releases;


·      To delegate authority to the Director for Economy and Environment, in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Highways, Infrastructure and Enforcement to make any consequential changes to Council policies and agreements in relation to the use of Council land as a result of this motion;


·      To promote information to local people, leading to better understanding of the damage balloons and sky lanterns have on our environment.”


Questions by Elected Members in accordance with Council Procedure Rules 15.2 and 15.3.

(i)        Questions on Notice to the Executive:-


None received for this meeting.


(ii)          Questions without Notice to the Executive and the Chairs of Committees.

For Information and Not Endorsement


To receive the minutes of the following Joint Authorities. pdf icon PDF 347 KB

A.        South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority Board held on 15th November, 2021.


B.      South Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership Board held on 4th November, 2021.


C.      South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority held on 11th October and 22nd November, 2021.


D.      South Yorkshire Pensions Authority held on 9th December, 2021.


E.      South Yorkshire Pensions Authority Local Pension Board held on 14th October, 2021.


F.      South Yorkshire Police and Crime Panel held on 13th December, 2021.

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