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Declarations of Interest, if any.


There were no declarations of interest made at the meeting.


Minutes of the Council Meeting held on 16th November 2023. pdf icon PDF 82 KB


RESOLVED that the minutes of the Council Meeting held on 16th November 2023, a copy of which had been circulated to each Member, be approved as a correct record and signed by the Chair.


To receive any announcements from the Chair of Council, the Mayor, Members of the Cabinet or the Head of Paid Service.


The Chair of Council, Councillor Duncan Anderson, made the following announcement:-


“The Vibe Café downstairs has now reopened, and I hope everyone will get some use out of it, so that it stays open.”


The Mayor of Doncaster, Ros Jones, made the following announcements:-


I would like to provide a brief update on our South Yorkshire Airport City programme. I can tell the Council that we are still progressing positively, and I remain hopeful that we will secure the airport this year.


The procurement exercise to find an operator is ongoing and this will continue as planned, with the aim of having an airport operator appointed in the Spring. I remain hopeful that we can agree to and sign a lease with the airport landowners, as a council we are actively working to achieve this and when I can share more then I will.


Members will be aware that this Council is asking South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority for funding support through an Outline Business Case that is being considered next month. Once this gains support, then a more detailed business case will be put forward, it does however provide another positive step in our ambition to reopen Doncaster Sheffield Airport. As I’m sure members can imagine this is a complex and detailed piece of work and quite rightly, we are ensuring it is done in the correct manner and this takes time.


I ask for patience from our Councillors, members of the public and our business community. Saving and reopening our airport is my number one priority and we are following our carefully managed plan to give us the greatest chance of success.


I would like to congratulate and welcome Ken Guest as a labour councillor for the City of Doncaster, Ken is a dedicated community champion within the ward and fought an honest and positive campaign and actually increased the labour vote share winning with over 56% of the votes. I’m sure you will be a brilliant advocate for Rossington and Bawtry alongside your fellow ward Councillors.


I would also like to welcome Bev Chapman as our newest labour Councillor. Bev, you are a dedicated Councillor for your ward of Mexborough, and it is a pleasure to have you join the labour community. We have secured significant regeneration funds for Mexborough, and it will lead to an incredible transformation over the next few years.”



Councillor Joe Blackham, Cabinet Member for Highways, Infrastructure and Enforcement, made the following announcement:-


At the meeting of Full Council in September last year a motion was passed relating to investigating the implementation of a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) Environmental Weight Limit Restriction Order on the A635 between Hickleton and Scawsby, I would like to inform Council of the outcome following initial consultation with statutory consultees of South Yorkshire Police, The Road Haulage Association and National Highways. These statutory consultees are not prepared to support the measures proposed.


There has also been the recent government announcement of Network North in October  ...  view the full minutes text for item 47.


Questions from the public in accordance with Council Procedure Rule 13:-

None received for this meeting.



There were no questions from the public received for this meeting.


Results of the Rossington and Bawtry Ward By-Election held on 16 November 2023 pdf icon PDF 484 KB


The Council considered a report which confirmed the results of the Rossington and Bawtry ward by-election held on 16th November, 2023.  It was noted that there had been four candidates standing in the by-election, with the Labour Candidate Councillor Ken Guest duly elected from a turnout of 19.2% of the eligible electorate with 1984 votes cast out of 3585 issued.


On behalf of the Council, the Chair congratulated Councillor Guest, welcomed him to his first Council meeting and wished him every success in his role as an elected Member.


After Councillor Bob Anderson had given his congratulations to Councillor Ken Guest as a fellow Ward member of Rossington and Bawtry, and Councillor Guest had responded by thanking everyone who had turned out and supported him in his campaign, and given his thanks to all of the Council’s staff who had assisted in the smooth running of the by-election, it was


RESOLVED to note the results of the Rossington and Bawtry by-election held on 16th November 2023.


Local Government and Housing Act 1989 - 6 month Review of the Allocation of Seats on Committees and Sub-Committees and Appointments to Outside Bodies pdf icon PDF 536 KB


The Council considered a report in relation to the mid-year review of the proportional allocation of seats on Committees and Sub-Committees appointed by Council as a consequence of changes to the political composition of the Authority. It also gave details of named changes by Political Groups to their memberships of Committees, Sub-Committees and Outside Bodies appointed by Council.


In introducing the report, the Chair of Council drew attention to an outstanding nomination that was required from the Labour Group to fill a vacant seat on the Chief Officers Appeals Committee.  In response, the Deputy Mayor, Councillor Glyn Jones advised that following consultation with colleagues within the Labour Group, he was pleased to confirm that Councillor Ian Pearson had come forward to fill this vacancy.




(i)        before any adjustments are determined, that seats on Committees and Sub-Committees are allocated, as set out in the table at paragraph 15 of the report; 


(ii)       to determine the appointment of Members to Committees and Sub-Committees in accordance with the wishes of Political Groups; 


(iii)      to determine the necessary adjustments resulting from the Mexborough First Group losing 1 seat on a Committee/Sub-Committee, as detailed within paragraphs 16 to 20 of thereport;


(iv)     as a consequence (iii) above, to allocate 1 seat on Elections & Democratic Structures Committee to the Independent Member, Councillor Rob Reid;  


(v)      to note the changes to the Licensing Committee as detailed in paragraph 21 of the report and confirm Councillor Chapman’s appointment as a Labour Group Member to this Committee; 


(vi)     as a consequence ofrevisions to seat entitlement, to note the change that Councillor Reid is removed from the Chief Officers Appeals Committee and the Labour Group retain 4 seats on the Chief Officers Appeals Committee, as detailed at paragraph 24 of the report, and that Councillor Ian Pearson is appointed to fill the vacant seat on this Committee;


(vii)    that Councillor Ken Guest be appointed on the following for the remaining period of the current Municipal Year commencing from 27th  


Elections & Democratic Structures Committee; and 


Communities and Environment Overview and Scrutiny Panel. 


(viii)   to note the Outside Bodies appointments detailed in paragraph 25 of the report.



2023 Director of Public Health Annual Report for Doncaster pdf icon PDF 480 KB

Additional documents:


In introducing this item, the Chair welcomed Rachael Leslie, Acting Director of Public Health to the meeting, who would be presenting the 2023 Director of Public Health Annual Report for Doncaster.  The Chair stated that he was also delighted to see Dr Rupert Suckling, Director of Public Health, back in the Chamber and pointed out that after consideration of the Annual Report, there would be an opportunity during the next agenda item for Members to formally record their thanks and appreciation to Dr Suckling for his distinguished services to the Council and City.


It was noted that this year’s report had a particular focus on children, young people, their families and their communities.  In addition, the report also provided a high-level assessment of how the overall health status was changing for all Doncaster residents and an overview of how healthy children and young people were in Doncaster using national child and maternal health indicators.  The report also demonstrated how the Public Health grant was being used locally and summarised how additional national allocations for substance misuse and treatment and family hubs had been used for better outcomes for children and young people.


In commending the report to Council, Councillor Nigel Ball, Cabinet Member for Public Health, Leisure and Culture, stated that he wished to thank the Public Health team for all their efforts and hard work on a day-to-day basis in continuing to support and protect the residents of Doncaster and helping them to live happier, healthier and illness free lives, in the face of significant challenges, such as the cost of living crisis.


Following the presentation of the report, Members in the Chamber were afforded the opportunity to comment on the report or ask any questions of Rachael Leslie.  


After Members had conveyed their thanks to Dr Suckling, Rachael Leslie and the Public Health Team, for their continued efforts and hard work in helping to secure the best health and wellbeing outcomes for the citizens of Doncaster, it was


RESOLVED that the Director of Public Health’s Annual Report for 2023, be noted and published.



Vote of Thanks to Dr Rupert Suckling, Director of Public Health.


It was MOVED by Mayor Ros Jones and SECONDED by Councillor Nigel Ball that Council place on record its thanks and appreciation to Dr Rupert Suckling for the manner in which he had fulfilled his role as Director of Public Health.


Mayor Jones stated Dr Suckling’s commitment to the borough and its residents had been greatly appreciated and valued, especially with his expert guidance and leadership throughout the global covid pandemic and its impact on the people of Doncaster. During those very troubled and turbulent times of the Covid pandemic when seeing hundreds of cases and many deaths on a regular basis, Dr Suckling’s honest, politically impartial and heartfelt regular updates were welcomed by so many of Doncaster’s residents and councillors.


Councillor Nigel Ball paid tribute to the work carried out by Dr Suckling, stating that words did not do justice to the work he had undertaken and the service he had carried out, always providing well thought out advice and balanced, reasoned answers, providing reassurance and support. Councillor Ball commented that throughout the Covid Pandemic, he had provided a guiding hand at all hours of the day and what he had done for the City of Doncaster Council was immeasurable, and it had been a pleasure to work alongside him for many years.


All Members in the Chamber were afforded the opportunity to speak on this issue, and many words of appreciation, thanks and heartfelt best wishes were conveyed to Dr Suckling. He was felt to be a professional, genuine, and conscientious individual, and a true gentleman, who would be missed greatly by all members in the Chamber with the feeling voiced that it had been an honour and a privilege to work with him.


Dr Suckling was given the opportunity to respond, and thanked those present for all their kind words. A lot had happened in his years at Doncaster with Floods, Fires, Pandemics, changing political situations, the Tour de Yorkshire and he had overseen the introduction of many health initiatives, including the hugely positive Well North. He stated that he had been very lucky to work in a great place, with a passionate, demanding group of Members and a vibrant third sector and also paid tribute to the grit and resilience of the Doncaster people. Dr Suckling paid thanks to his wife for all her support, and his Team, and to Rachael Leslie, Acting Director of Public Health for all their help and support and also to the Directors and Leadership Team who he had worked alongside during the past 18 years in his time in Doncaster.


RESOLVED that the Vote of Thanks to Dr Rupert Suckling  be noted.






Overview and Scrutiny Update - May to December 2023. pdf icon PDF 380 KB


The Council considered a report, presented by the Chair of the Overview and Scrutiny Management Committee (OSMC), Councillor Jane Kidd, which provided a summary of the key work undertaken by the OSMC and its four Standing Panels, during the period of May to December 2023, and also any future issues to be considered.


Councillor Kidd began by thanking Members, the Executive, officers, partners, stakeholders and the public who had taken the time to attend meetings and engage with the Overview and Scrutiny process. 


It was reported that there continued to be a real effort to focus on performance monitoring and review work through Overview and Scrutiny to ensure that the Council added value to services and how effectively communities and residents were being supported.


The report highlighted the engagement with key partners, stakeholders and the public including those with lived experiences such as volunteers, food bank representatives and people who use the family hubs.  This had helped Scrutiny Members better understand service delivery from the user’s perspective.


It was noted that outside of the formal meetings, the Chairs and Vice Chairs met regularly with the Mayor and Cabinet Members to keep up to date with developments in portfolio areas and effectively plan and manage work plans.


Overview and Scrutiny Members had also received some training support and guidance from the Local Government Association to assist them with questioning skills and adding value to the Overview and Scrutiny process. This support would continue into the new year.


Looking forward to 2024, Councillor Kidd confirmed that some of the key issues that Overview and Scrutiny would be focusing on included:


           The Budget Proposals and Corporate Plan;

           Regular Finance & Performance updates

           Review of the Crime and Disorder Partnerships performance and priorities; and

           Public Health Protection Annual Report


Councillor Kidd concluded by reiterating her thanks to all Members, Partners, Stakeholders, officers, young advisors and members of the public who continued to contribute to the Overview and Scrutiny process.


After the Chairs of the four Overview and Scrutiny Panels had provided a brief overview of the work carried out by each of their respective Panels during the past six months, it was


                        RESOLVED that the work of the Overview and Scrutiny                                  Management Committee and its four Standing Panels for the                        period May to December, 2023, be noted.


Proposed Diary of Meetings - 2024 to 2026 pdf icon PDF 305 KB

Additional documents:


The Council considered a report which presented a provisional diary of meetings for the 2024/25 – 2025/26 Municipal Years for Members’ consideration and comment, prior to formal adoption at the Annual Meeting of Council in May 2024.


RESOLVED to endorse the provisional diary of meetings for 2024/25 – 2025/26 as set out in Appendix A to the report, and note that the final version will be presented to the Annual Meeting of Council in May 2024 for approval.


Vote of Thanks to Reverend Canon David Stevens


The Chair of Council proposed a Vote of Thanks to Reverend Canon David Stevens, who was retiring from his position as Canon of Doncaster Minster following many years of service. On behalf of City of Doncaster Council, Councillor Duncan Anderson paid tribute to Canon Stevens’ hard work throughout his years of service, and thanked him for his hard work as a staunch supporter, advocate and loyal friend of the Council and also, the wider City of Doncaster. He had played an integral part in many of the celebrations of the Council, as well as acts of remembrance and many other events and would be greatly missed by all. On behalf of all Members, the Chair thanked Canon Stevens for his years of devoted service to Doncaster.


The vote of thanks was seconded by Councillor David Nevett who added his own thanks and heartfelt best wishes.


All Members were afforded the opportunity to comment on the vote of thanks, with the Mayor and other former Civic Mayors conveying their thanks to Canon Stevens who had been a valued member of the City from both a spiritual and community perspective, providing support and guidance to many.


            RESOLVED that the Vote of Thanks to Canon David Stevens be noted.


Questions by Elected Members in accordance with Council Procedure Rules 15.2 and 15.3:-


(i)        Questions on Notice to the Executive:-


None received for this meeting.


(ii)          Questions without Notice to the Executive and the Chairs of Committees.



A.   Questions on Notice

There were no questions on notice received from Elected Members for this meeting.

B.  Questions without Notice

In accordance with Council Procedure Rule 15.2, the Chair accepted the following questions from Elected Members during “Question Time”:-

A. Questions to the Mayor of Doncaster, Ros Jones

Q. From Councillor Glenn Bluff to the Mayor of Doncaster, Ros Jones:-

“Since 2019 there have been several flood warnings in place in lower Sprotbrough  with many residents displaced and the Pub is now closed.  Some of the EA pumps during this time failed and the flood waters had skirted around the flood defences. I would like to thank Dan Swaine and his Team for all they have done, and also thank Councillor Cole for his support.  With regard to the Government Scheme for Flood Recovery, can the Mayor please investigate and provide clarification on how the funding framework operates in terms of how the Council can claim back this money from Government and assist the local residents to access the necessary support and funding from this Scheme?”


A.     The Mayor of Doncaster gave the following response:-

“I shall forward a detailed report to Councillor Bluff with this information.”


Q. From Councillor Jane Cox to the Mayor of Doncaster, Ros Jones:-

“In April 2023, a resident passed away in Finningley, and following this money was raised to provide a defibrillator for the area as previously there had been none. Since May 2023 we have been trying to find a solution to this but have been thwarted by Council bureaucracy. We can put Christmas decorations on our lampposts but there is no place to put a defibrillator. The Council has now decided that it needs to put a policy in place regarding the siting of defibrillators, which will further delay the situation.  Will the Mayor please commit to investigating this matter and finding a solution to the situation immediately?”

A. The Mayor of Doncaster gave the following response:-

Councillor Cox if you could please provide me with more information in writing, I will ensure that a full response be provided from the appropriate Portfolio Holder.”

Q.  Councillor Nick Allen asked the Mayor of Doncaster the following question:-

  “The LTA has recently announced a partnership funding agreement with the Council to improve tennis facilities in the area, with funding given to renovate the tennis courts at Haslam Park in Bessacarr and Hexthorpe Park. However, will this affect spending on other parks elsewhere, particularly in the Bessacarr area, as they are also in need of remedial works?

A.     The Mayor of Doncaster, Ros Jones, gave the following response:-

“Councillor Allen, if you provide me with more information in writing in relation to this matter, I will provide you with a written response.”

B. Questions to the Deputy Mayor, Councillor Glyn Jones, Cabinet Member for Housing and Business

Q. Councillor Nick Allen asked the following question:-

  “Are you allowed to reveal how many residents of Doncaster are on a SPOC  ...  view the full minutes text for item 56.


Approval of Councillor Absence pdf icon PDF 490 KB


The Council received a report which gave details of action taken by the Monitoring Officer under delegated authority in approving a request from Councillor Andy Pickering for an extension of absence from attendance at meetings due to ill health until 31st May 2024.


RESOLVED that Council note the action taken by the Monitoring Officer in accordance with Section 85 of the Local Government Act 1972, in approving an extension of absence from attendance at meetings due to ill health, for Councillor Andy Pickering until 31st May 2023.


To receive the minutes of the following Joint Authorities. pdf icon PDF 161 KB


RESOLVED that the minutes of the following Joint Authorities meetings be noted:-


A.   South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority Board held on 14th November 2023.


B.   South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority held on 9th October and 20th November 2023.


C.   Team Doncaster Executive held on 12th September 2023.