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Apologies for absence.


Apologies for absence were received from Councillors David Nevett, Charlie Hogarth and Eva Hughes.


To consider the extent, if any, to which the public and press are to be excluded from the meeting.


There were no items on the agenda that contained exempt information.


Declarations of Interest, if any.


There were no declarations of interest made.


Public Statements - [A period not exceeding 20 minutes for statements from up to 5 members of the public on matters within the Committees remit, proposing action(s) which may be considered or contribute towards the future development of the Committees Work Programme].


There were no public statements were made.


Doncaster Inclusive Growth Strategy 2018-21 pdf icon PDF 250 KB

Additional documents:


A report was presented to the Panel on the latest Inclusive Growth Strategy.  Members were provided with the draft document which detailed the level and type of reforms recommended for driving inclusive growth; why it was believed that they mattered and recommendations as to how they should be delivered.


Members were informed that achieving inclusive growth was a fundamental priority contained within the Doncaster Growing Together Strategy


A presentation was provided covering the following areas;


  • What is Inclusive Growth?
  • A growing economy……
  • Challenges that remain
  • Inclusive Growth Drivers
  • Approval and Engagement
  • Delivery


There was a discussion which highlighted the following;


Wages – In order to increase average wages, Members were informed that there would be a focus on growing and supporting existing and emerging specialist sectors across Doncaster.  It was explained that a separate strategy was being worked on alongside Doncaster Growing Together.


Doncaster Centres – The strategy made reference to the large centres located outside Doncaster, such as, Mexborough and Thorne that provided a wide range of services, whilst other centres within the borough (i.e. Bawtry, Armthorpe and Askern) served more day-to-day needs.


Concern was raised by the Chair that some of these centres (such as

Mexborough, Thorne and Askern) had been “forgotten”.  A Member of the Panel and Ward Member, commented that Askern was a developing area with a large number of houses but offered limited work opportunities and did not offer the public transport needed to reach work outside of the area.


Members were told that work was underway to understand what was taking place around skills levels, education and employment at Super Output Area (SOA) level as well as at ward level. It was explained that there was a need to understand communities and be able to target intervention accordingly rather than providing one solution for all. 


Access/Transport – Concerns were raised that transport routes in and out of Doncaster town centre did not provide what was needed to access employment across the Borough.  It was acknowledged that it was sometimes easier for those outside of Doncaster to travel into the town centre than it was for Doncaster residents.  A Member explained that a resident living in Askern could reach Selby or Pontefract by public transport but not the next village.  Members were assured that more integrated work was being undertaken and strategies would be developed. 


Members were reminded that there was a broad range of infrastructure projects in place.  For example, new links with Castleford and Leeds which would open up job opportunities with neighbouring authorities and create a connection for North Doncaster.  It was added that discussions had not yet reached the point of where the investment would come from and which projects would be key to Doncaster.


Brexit - There was a brief discussion around how the Council and its partners were adapting to Brexit.  Concern was raised that it was not known what Brexit would look like and what challenges would exist.


The Chief Executive Officer of Doncaster Chamber commented that local  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.


Update on the Enterprise Market Place (Phase 1) Project pdf icon PDF 184 KB

Additional documents:


A report was presented to the Panel that provided an update on progress to date relating to the Enterprise Market Place (Phase 1) project (EMP1). The report also provided information relating to the potential future operating model of Doncaster Market.  It was explained that the project was on time and on budget.


In terms of timescales, Members were informed that the Wool Market will open on Tuesday 26th March 2019 with a planned soft opening, building up to the weekend of Friday 29th to Sunday 31st March 2018 (Mothering Sunday). 


A discussion took place which covered the following areas;


Occupancy Rates – Concern was raised that new rent amounts were too expensive in comparison to what was being charged. It was explained that rents will gradually increase over 3 years to assist market traders initially and it was added that the rent amounts would reflect the type of environment that the traders would be operating within.


Market Mix – Members were informed that there was a focus on filling the food outlets first with a number of strong interests put forward already.  It was explained that it was natural for the food offer to develop first and for the retail offer to follow.  Concern was raised whether retail stalls could potentially sell the same items as each other.  Members were assured that the commodity mix was being managed by the Council to ensure that this would not happen.  In terms of selling fake goods, it was noted that close monitoring was being undertaken of what was sold on the market stalls and where necessary, suspected issues would be reported onto Trading Standards.


It was explained that the markets proposal would consist of a multi-functional space that would contribute to a much needed diverse cultural and leisure offer.  This with an aspiration to stage events and demonstrations would provide the market place with the potential to appeal to visitors both day and night. 


It was recognised that it was an exciting project which would provide the benefits of a full modern market offer and form part of a number of schemes aimed at developing the town centre.


Transport and accessibility – Members were concerned that connectivity within the town centre should ensure that locations were linked.  It was explained that changes being made to Silver Street would impact on the number 15 bus service, with a new bus stop positioned on market road offering a direct service to the market.  It was added that there were ongoing discussions with the bus operator to link up key destinations throughout the town.


Members were informed of the redesign of the current market car park that would provide a gateway and enhanced waterfront connections.  It was explained that coach trips would be able to drop visitors off outside the wool market and be offered a meet and greet service when the Council was notified of the visit.  It was considered essential that visitors arriving from outside of Doncaster were taken direct to where they  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.


Regeneration and Housing Work Plan October 2018 pdf icon PDF 177 KB

Additional documents:


The Panel received a report updating Members on the Panels work plan for 2018/19.


A copy of the work plan was attached at Appendix A of the report taking account of issues considered at the Regeneration and Housing Overview and Scrutiny workplanning meeting held on the 13th June, 2018.


RESOLVED that the Panel note the Regeneration and Housing Overview and Scrutiny Workplan 18/19 - October 2018 update.