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Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Rachel Hodson.



To Consider The Extent, If Any, To Which The Public And Press Are To Be Excluded From The Meeting.


RESOLVED that there were no matters on the agenda requiring the press and public to be excluded.



Declarations of Interest, if any


There were no declarations of interest made.



Minutes of the Health and Adult Social Care Overview and Scrutiny Panel held on 6th August, 2020 pdf icon PDF 99 KB


The minutes of the Health and Adult Social Care Overview and Scrutiny Panel held on the 6th August 2020 were agreed as a true and accurate record.



Public Statements

[A period not exceeding 20 minutes for

Statements from up to 5 members of the public on

matters within the Panel’s remit, proposing action(s)

which may be considered or contribute towards the

future development of the Panel’s work programme].



There were no public statements made.



Access to day support and short breaks during the Covid 19 pandemic pdf icon PDF 537 KB


The Panel were presented with a report that outlined the Council’s approach to facilitate personalised Day Service support, Short Breaks and Carer Respite throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.


In addition, Officers gave a verbal overview providing background and context, which included the numbers of people supported, who and how individuals access the service, and the location of day centres.


A brief explanation was given about what happened to the day services provision since lockdown began including communication, and risk assessments on all service users. It was also explained how the buildings were adapted to comply with regulations making them COVID safe for staff and users.


The Panel was briefed on what had happened to the short breaks service since March. Officers described how buildings were used, types of services provided, number of beds utilised, communication methods and the impacts on staff. Members were informed of the testing process for staff and service users and it was noted PPE was adequately provided at all times.


Officers informed Members of the Outbreak Management Plan in place that in turn feeds into the corporate outbreak system.


Contact and support for all individuals - Concern was raised by a Member that perhaps not all clients had been contacted and described  the experience of a constituent with social care needs (although not learning disability or autism) who had difficulty in contacting the social care team due to phone lines not diverting correctly.


Members were assured that all individuals had been contacted but it was recognised there had been an IT problem initially.  As a result, robust measures were put in place as part of the business continuity plan and phone lines tested.


Virtual day activities – It was acknowledged by Members that many virtual day activities were reliant on having the correct hardware/software and good broadband speed, therefore they sought more information on whether clients were supported.  Officers informed the Panel that there had been no request for equipment but they had given advice to those that required it.  Members were reassured that if they had been approached an IT solution would have been provided, and going forward IT solutions would be planned in advance.


Closure of buildings – Members requested clarification on how long the buildings that the service uses were closed for.


Members were informed that all buildings had been closed on the 23rd March 2020 for 16 weeks.  It was explained that the reopening of some buildings began in July with extensive modifications made making them a COVID-19 safe environment (and ensuring that social distancing guidance could be adhered to within them). It was explained that the reopening of buildings had been a huge challenge as some lend themselves better to social distancing rules.  It was continued that some buildings had to be closed during parts of the week for deep cleaning and sanitisation. Members were informed that unfortunately it was looking unlikely that Bentley Library would reopen but the Redmond Centre and Bhatia Centre will reopen in the near future.


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Adjournment Of Meeting



RESOLVED That In Accordance With Council Procedure Rule (17)(L) The Meeting Stood Adjourned For A Period Of 10 Minutes




Reconvening Of Meeting


Health Protection Assurance Report (deferred from 19th March 2020) pdf icon PDF 623 KB

Additional documents:


The Panel was presented with a report on health assurance in Doncaster, the report focussed on 3 main areas:


·         Immunisation and screening programme

·         Air Quality

·         Emergency preparedness resilience and response (EPRR): Flood and Coronavirus (COVID-19)


A verbal update was given to Members providing information on progress since last year particularly the work with GP practices and care homes to improve the uptake of flu vaccinations. It was recognised that there had been challenges especially with COVID around the immunisation programmes but work was being undertaken with NHS England to ensure systems were in place to overcome issues.


The Panel was reminded that this report covered the previous financial year and that the 2020/21 report will have more detail about the response to COVID-19.


Immunisations and vulnerable people – Members were interested to hear what encouragement there was for vulnerable people to take-up immunisations.


Members were informed that it was primarily the responsibility of GP practices, however, innovative work was carried out closely with providers to encourage the take up of flu vaccinations. An example of this was described to the Panel where a targeted group of homeless people were encouraged to take up the vaccination through a surgery. The Health Inequality Working Group was set up in partnership with the NHS CCG and primary care colleagues to discuss systems put in place to pick up groups that were considered at risk.  It was recognised that GPs faced the same additional challenge of COVID this year.


A Member had concerns that some vulnerable people may still be fearful of going out, and therefore was there a system in place for home visits instead. The Panel was advised that individuals could approach GP surgeries and arrange a home visit from a nurse.


Measles and Rubella Elimination Strategy – Members indicated the report suggests the new Y&H Measles and Rubella Elimination Strategy would raise uptake of 1st and 2nd doses of MMR to 95%.  The Panel looked for more detail on what the strategy does that it previously did not.


Officers explained the national strategy had an ambition for under 5’s and those that haven’t had the vaccine to be immunised. It was outlined that a local audit was carried out to understand the challenges and surveys were undertaken.  In addition to this NHS England, Public Health Team, and CCG colleagues had designed a tool to understand the detail and the results were being used to build comprehensive action, bringing partners together regularly and were chaired by NHS England. Quarterly meetings with NHS England Screening and Immunisation Overview Working Group looked at the uptake on a quarterly basis to monitor and take action required.


A Member shared concerns from a parental point of view that during the pandemic having a child immunised was perceived as a negative experience. Considering the uptake figures reported for previous years, many fell into the amber category making Members concerned for this year.  It was suggested it may be something the Panel revisit as it was fundamental  ...  view the full minutes text for item 15.


Overview and Scrutiny Work Plan and Council's Forward Plan of Key Decisions pdf icon PDF 704 KB

Additional documents:


The Senior Governance Officer presented the 2020/2021 Scrutiny Work Plan for consideration and reminded Members of the current Forward Plan of key decisions.


The dates of the next few meetings were noted the next one being 26th November 2020 with agenda items that includes the Winter Planning Partnership Plan and an update from Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals. For the latter, it was noted that Richard Parker, Chief Executive would be present.


It was commented that there was nothing specific for this Panel on the forward plan and that relevant areas were mainly for OSMC. 


There was a brief discussion about other future meetings and items for the Overview and Scrutiny workplans.


RESOLVED that the Overview and Scrutiny Work Plan 2020/21 and Forward Plan of key decisions be noted.