Agenda and draft minutes

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Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Rachel Hodson and Councillor Gibbons.



Declarations of Interest, if any


RESOLVED that there were no matters on the agenda requiring the press and public to be excluded.



Minutes of the Health and Adult Social Care Overview and Scrutiny Panel held on 1st October 2020 pdf icon PDF 107 KB


There were no declarations of interest made.


Public Statements

[A period not exceeding 20 minutes for

Statements from up to 5 members of the public on

matters within the Panel’s remit, proposing action(s)

which may be considered or contribute towards the

future development of the Panel’s work programme].



There were no public statements made.


Update from Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals pdf icon PDF 285 KB

Additional documents:


The Panel was provided with a presentation from the Chief Executive of Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust on the following areas;


     Current Position

     Changes and Developments

     Looking Ahead

     Maternity Development Update

     Emergency Department Update

     Nursing Workforce and Education

     Ambulance Handovers Update


The Chair conveyed thanks on behalf of the Panel regarding the ongoing hard work undertaken and dedication shown by the staff and healthcare professionals.


There was a discussion held and the following issues were raised;


Intensive Care Beds - Members were informed that in terms of Critical Care Occupancy, the maximum number of critical care patients in the system had reached 28, which was within the top range of normal bed availability.  It was clarified that this did not equate to staffed beds.  It was noted, however, that in the event that critical care admissions were similar to those which had been seen in other areas such as Italy, it had been estimated that up to 130 intensive care beds could be required, this was described as the super surge capacity. It was explained that this related to physical bed spaces and that staffing an increased numbers of beds would be extremely difficult. It was confirmed that the super surge capacity would only be achieved by converting operating theatres into recovery areas etc. or by creating new accommodation.  To try to ensure that the correct type of facilities would be made available, capital delivery works had been undertaken specifically for patients who required mechanical ventilation or high flow oxygen.


Clarification was provided that during the first and second peak of the pandemic, the Trust had not exceeded their normal physical bed space capacity.  It was stated that at present there were 12 patients in intensive care and this was still within normal capacity.


It was acknowledged that there had been challenges in terms of staffing.   It was explained that for the first and second wave, additional staffing had been required such as runners, due to restrictions around Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and additional infection prevention and control measures.


It was commented that geographically, there had been a difference in areas effected at different times and it was currently particularly challenging for North East and South Yorkshire.  It was shared that recently mutual aid had been provided to North Lincolnshire and Goole as well as providing care for a couple of patients due to the close geographical distance.  It was continued that mutual aid and support had also been provided to Barnsley and it was acknowledged that mutual aid would be provided to Doncaster if it came under pressure.


Provision of Free Meals and Free Parking – It was commented that support had been provided to improve the working days and lives of staff through the provision of free meals and free parking. Members expressed their gratitude for the additional support provided to staff.  It was acknowledged that there were challenges placed through PPE requirements and the need to stagger  ...  view the full minutes text for item 21.


Winter Planning Partnership Plan pdf icon PDF 603 KB


The Panel was provided with an update from the Director of Adults Health and Wellbeing and Director of Strategy on Delivery from Doncaster NHS CCG on the support that was planned in Doncaster this winter and how it will be coordinated.  A brief overview of the update  was provided and the Panel discussed the following areas;


Work Undertaken – The Director of Adults Health and Wellbeing clarified that their role included having the statutory responsibility around adults social care and broader responsibilities such as the wider support to care homes and other aspects of Doncaster’s communities.  It was acknowledged that those areas were undertaken with the support of other partnerships such as the NHS CCG.


It was explained that as part of a wider arrangement through Team Doncaster, frequent meetings had taken place at gold level due to the second wave of Covid. It was further outlined that there was an extensive infrastructure in place that linked to a wider governance and the Council had established a Tactical Co-ordination Group around Covid to which various pieces of work reported to.  


Extend Access Appointments to Primary Care – Members heard how this system had been introduced around 2 years ago.  It was explained how it had been stepped down originally in response to Covid although more recently had been stepped back up in various ways.  It was noted how proactive communications and engagement activity had taken place to make this known although take-up had been varied


It was responded that the NHS CCG was relatively satisfied with what had been achieved and assurances were provided that this issue would continue to be reviewed with primary care Doncaster.  It was added that alternative innovative methods would be considered, for example, the health bus, and work would be continued with primary care networks and Clinical Directors regarding the best way of providing early morning, late evening and Saturday morning clinics.  It was reported that the roll out of the Covid vaccination was now a priority and further thought needed to be given as to how capacity would be used across primary care to implement that programme robustly.


Elderly People and Care Homes - Members raised concern over those with undiagnosed Covid being discharged from hospital into a care home setting.  Assurances were provided that everyone discharged was tested 48 hours before they were discharged in accordance with national guidance.  Also, that those leaving hospital to go into care homes were all treated as potentially positive (even if they were negative and then self-isolated in the care home) and they would then enter the national testing programme. 


Finally, it was noted that 20 Covid beds had been commissioned across the system to ensure that any individual with Covid followed that pathway and was given intensive support.


Members were referred to the Care Home Action Plan, which had been developed as part of the first wave with every authority and system. It was explained that the plan limited staff working across care home groups  ...  view the full minutes text for item 22.


Overview and Scrutiny Work Plan and the Council's Forward Plan of Key Decisions pdf icon PDF 97 KB

Additional documents:


The Senior Governance Officer presented the 2020/2021 Scrutiny Work Plan for consideration and reminded Members of the current Forward Plan of key decisions.


The dates of the next few meetings were noted along with the scheduled agenda items.  Members were made aware that March 2021 meeting currently had one item.  Regarding the latest forward plan, the Panel requested a briefing note on a forward plan decision around an integrated model of adult substance misuse treatment.


Finally, there was a brief conversation around the potential proposal of a new hospital in the Borough and the Panel noted that this would be an area they would like to consider in future.


RESOLVED that the Panel;


a)    note the Overview and Scrutiny Work Plan 2020/21 and the Forward Plan of key decisions.

b)    that a briefing note be provided on the forward plan decision ‘To develop an integrated model of adult substance misuse treatment and supported housing services, by Riverside supported housing services to be sub-contracted by Aspire & to extend the contract to 31 March 2023, to pilot and evaluate an integrated model.’

c)    That a letter be forwarded to the Chief Executive of Doncaster and Bassetlaw Foundation NHS Trust outlining the Panel’s support of a local nurse education provision for Doncaster residents and to request an opportunity to explore the potential proposal for a new hospital in the Borough.