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Apologies for absence.


To consider the extent, if any, to which the public and press are to be excluded from the meeting.


There were no items where the public and press would be excluded.


Declarations of Interest, if any.


Councillor Jane Kidd declared an interest explaining that she had recently finished a project where she had been employed by the voluntary sector.



Public Statements.

[A period not exceeding 20 minutes for statements from up

to 5 members of the public on matters within the

Committee’s remit, proposing action(s) which may be

considered or contribute towards the future development of

the Committee’s work programme].



MRS Ann Gilbert, a resident of Mexborough made the following statement:


Thank you Chair and Committee for the opportunity to contribute to your discussions today on the Brexit issue.  Whilst I have been unable to see the paper that is being presented today by the Brexit Team, I hope that the points I raise are addressed within their presentation.  I do accept that Brexit feels as if nothing is happening and then changes on a daily basis.  The lack of clear thinking from our national government does not help those who are responsible for the provision of public services or run their business. 


That said I have a number of areas I wish to raise and they are as follows:-


Preparation for Brexit


What guidance has been given by National Government regarding the preparation for Brexit to date, with particular regard to financial resourcing of the process? 


Whether there is a deal or not, scarce local government funding resources that have been cut substantially by National Government, have had to be used to support the preparation for Brexit and to identify and minimise the risks to the local economy and residents.


I am therefore asking:-


a.            Have those costs been identified, tabled and submitted to national Government for refund?

b.            Is the Government going to  meet those costs or will it fall on Doncaster Council Tax payers and be included in their Council Tax payments?

c.            What arrangement has the Council made to:

·                     Advise the population of the costs?

·                     Who is paying – the Government or Doncaster Council Tax payer?  And

·                     If no funding is available from Government, how will this affect services within the borough and potential job loss?

Business Sector


Do we have any businesses in the supply chain to Honda, Nissan or other Japanese companies who may be affected by a relocation of Japanese companies now that Japan has signed a trading agreement with the EU?


What support is being offered by Government to assist those in the supply chains in maintaining their business in the UK?


If there is a deal, does the Council know if any businesses based in Doncaster have plans to use the transition period to facilitate an orderly departure from the UK?


Health Sector


We are all aware how important the migrant workforce is to our area and the contribution they make to all sectors or the economy, in particular in the provision of social and medical care.


Are we in a position to know how many EU migrant professionals we will lose across the Health sector – social care and medical.


What contingency plans are in place to fill those vacancies.


Medicine Supplies


Are we in a position to know:-

Which medicines are at risk?

How many people does this affect eg. insulin dependent patients, cancer treatment patients?


Food Shortages


Has National Government given any real answers on how to deal with the potential for food shortages?


What provision has been made to ensure that vulnerable people are protected and that  ...  view the full minutes text for item 20.


Update on Brexit pdf icon PDF 205 KB

Additional documents:


Further to the meeting held on 2nd November, 2018 the Committee was provided with a presentation updating Members on the current position relating to Brexit. 


The information covered the impact of Brexit on the following areas:


·      the Borough and its economy;

·      Goods and services;

·      Community resilience;

·      Planning, risk assessment and co-ordination;

·      Building plans to mitigate impact;  and

·      Planning for the future.

The issues below were addressed in more detail:


Tom Riordon (Chief Executive Leeds City Council) – co-ordinates Local Authority weekly report on Brexit issues on behalf of the Yorkshire and Humber region and makes a collaborative return each week to Central Government on specific issues.


Local Resilience – it was explained that Doncaster was part of the South Yorkshire Local Resilience Forum that undertakes strong strategic planning on a regular basis.  The group addressed a whole range of possible impacts, including food, energy supplies and staffing in social care sectors.  It was noted that as a region, it was as prepared as it could be as there were plans in place to deal with issues that could impact on communities that were dealt with on a year to year basis.  It was recognised that plans were adaptable and flexible.


With regard to fuel and transport links there was no current information to suggest that these would be affected.


Local Resilience Forum – meets regularly to ensure continued regional and local resilience.


Community Tensions – These were already monitored on a regular basis and this would continue.  There were referral pathways for community tensions but currently no significant issues related to Brexit.  Again it was an area the Local Authority already worked closely on with its partners.


Reduction of Police Officers – A member expressed concern that due to the reduced numbers of Police Officers, their ability to respond to an emergency could be affected.


Boarders – partners were working closely with Doncaster Airport Management Team who were not expecting any significant impact.  Additional plans were being established for UK Ports, including the airport, to ensure the security and safety of imported and exported goods.


Medical Suppliers – it was noted that a lot of medical supplies were provided through non EU countries and there was no current indication that there would be any significant impact.


Contract Management – was being regularly reviewed ensuring priority activities continued.


Military – is on standby for additional assistance if required, for example, logistical and welfare support at ports.


Doncaster Chamber – is an independent organisation that works with Local Authority colleagues, and is monitoring business effectiveness in the light of Brexit, for example:-


-       Economic Behaviour - nothing is showing red but there were a number of areas that were showing amber on the risk assessment register.


-       Business confidence – was good in Doncaster with strong momentum.  Those businesses that worked in isolation needed to interact with others and find innovation out of the Brexit challenge.  Businesses still held plans for the future but momentum may have slowed,  ...  view the full minutes text for item 21.