Agenda and draft minutes

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No. Item


Apologies for absence.


To consider the extent, if any, to which the public and press are to be excluded from the meeting.


RESOLVED:  That the press and public be excluded from the meeting for agenda item 4, Call-In of the Executive Decision:  Review of the proposed model for the delivery of the management of Doncaster Markets.  The reason was because it contained exempt information under Paragraph 3 (information relating to the financial or business affair of any particular person (including the authority holding that information) of Part 1 of Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972, (as amended).



Declarations of Interest, if any.


There were no declarations of interest made.


CALL-IN OF THE FOLLOWING EXECUTIVE DECISION: Proposed Model for the Delivery of the Management of Doncaster Markets

Additional documents:


The Chair outlined the format of the meeting, reminding those present that the focus should be on the issues raised on the Call In form.


Councillors Richard A Jones and Andy Pickering explained their reasons for calling in the decision, which related to aspects of the consultation and engagement process, due diligence and the proposed contractual arrangements with the Council.


The Cabinet Member for Highways, Street Scene and Trading Services and officers in attendance were given an opportunity to respond to the issues raised on the Call In form and by the Call In group.


The Chair also provided an opportunity for Elected Members not on the Committee to ask questions and raise issues.Members of the Committee considered the information raised and the reasons identified for calling in the decision.




RESOLVED:  That in accordance with Council Procedure Rule (17)(L) the meeting stood adjourned for a period of 10 minutes.




Following consideration of the issues raised, Councillor Rodgers thanked the Call-in group, Members and Officers for their contribution and asked the Committee to propose a course of action in accordance with Overview and Scrutiny Procedure Rule 9 including to:


(i)            Refer the decision back to the Executive for reconsideration in the light of the recommendations from the Committee.


(ii)        Request that the decision be deferred until Overview and Scrutiny Management Committee or Panels have considered relevant issues and made recommendations to the Executive.


(iii)      Take no action in relation to the called-in decision(s) but consider whether issues arising from the call-in need to be added to the work programme of an existing or new Overview and Scrutiny Sub-Committee.


(iv)       If, but only if (having taken the advice of the Monitoring Officer and/or the Chief Finance Officer), the Committee determine that the decision(s) is wholly or partly outside the Budget and Policy Framework refer the matter, with any recommendations, to the Council after following the procedure in Rule 8 of the Budget and Policy Framework Procedure Rules.  Only in this case is there a continuing bar on implementing the decision.


The Monitoring Officer and the Chief Financial Officer had earlier confirmed that as the decision fell within the Budget and policy Framework, option (iv) above did not therefore apply.




a)           That no action be taken in relation to the called-in decision but recommend that the Regeneration and Housing Scrutiny Panel receive regular updates on the market as the new arrangements progress;  and


b)            That the Council seeks clarification with external bodies that their equal opportunities policies align with the Council’s, when entering into future contractual arrangements.