Agenda and draft minutes

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Contact: Andrea Hedges 

No. Item


To consider the extent, if any, to which the public and press are to be excluded from the meeting.


RESOLVED that the public and press be excluded from the meeting in accordance with Section 100(A)(4) of the Local Government Act, 1972, as amended, on the grounds that exempt information as defined in paragraph 1 of Part 1 of Schedule 12(A) of the Act, was likely to be disclosed.



Declarations of Interest, if any.


There were no declarations of interest made at the meeting.



Minutes of the Awards, Grants and Transport (Appeals) Committee meeting held on 8th October, 2019. pdf icon PDF 38 KB


RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 8th October, 2019, be approved as a correct record and signed by the Chair.



Application for Transport Assistance (Exclusion Paragraph 1).

Additional documents:


The Committee considered an appeal in relation to a request for home to school transport assistance, in respect of Case No. 1214. The Committee was asked to consider whether to allow the appeal based on the exceptional circumstances, as outlined in the Appellants’ letter.


The Committee Members and the Appellant, had received the agenda and the Hearings Procedure prior to the meeting.


The Appellant was in attendance at the meeting to make representations and appeal the Council’s decision to refuse assistance with home to school transport.


At the commencement of the meeting, the Chair welcomed all present, introductions were made and the purpose of the hearing was outlined.


As the hearing was being held via a teleconferencing facility, Members of the Committee and other parties, were informed by the Chair that she would indicate who would speak and in what order to ensure that the meeting ran as smoothly as possible.


The Appellant confirmed receipt of the agenda and the procedure for the hearing, and confirmed that he understood the procedure to be followed.


The Pupil Support and Passenger Transport Manager, who was in attendance at the meeting, introduced the report detailing the grounds for the appeal, including the response from the Pupil Support and Passenger Transport Team which had been shared with the Appellant, and presented the case on behalf of the Council, made representations in respect of the appeal, and answered questions from the Committee.


The Appellant addressed the Committee, made representations and answered questions from the Committee.


The Pupil Support and Passenger Transport Manager and the Appellant made closing statements. 


The Chair informed both parties that they would be notified of the outcome of the Committee’s decision in writing and the reasons for the decision, within 5 working days of the meeting.


The Pupil Support and Passenger Transport Manager and the Appellant were then excluded from the meeting whilst the Committee considered the appeal in private.


It was proposed to adjourn the meeting for further information to be sought from the Pupil Support and Passenger Transport Manager.


Adjournment of the Meeting


RESOLVED that in accordance with Council Procedure Rule 18.11(f), the meeting stand adjourned at 10.45 am to be reconvened on this day at 11.15 am.


Reconvening of the Meeting


The meeting reconvened at 11.15 am.


RESOLVED that as there was insufficient information available before the Committee for it to make a decision, the meeting stand adjourned to be reconvened on Thursday, 15th October 2020, at 10.30 am, in order that written confirmation be obtained from Outwood Academy Adwick to confirm the designated entrance for Year 7 pupils due to Covid-19, and confirmation of the distance from the pupils home to the designated school entrance.