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Welcome, introductions and apologies for absence


The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and invited all attendees to make introductions.


Apologies for the meeting were received from Dr Rupert Suckling, Lucy Robertshaw, Dr Nabeel Alsindi, Dave Richmond, Riana Nelson and Cllr Cynthia Ransome.



Chair's Announcements.


There were no announcements by the Chair.



Public questions.

(A period not exceeding 15 minutes for questions from members of the public.)



While there were no questions from members of the public, the Chair asked whether any elected Members in attendance had any questions/statements. The Board received and responded to a statement by Cllr Glynis Smith, as summarised below:-


Councillor Glynis Smith spoke of the difficulties experienced by a close family member in obtaining a timely diagnosis and treatment for a benign growth on his pituitary gland which had been bleeding and had caused pressure on his optic nerve.  He had been suffering for a period of time with severe headaches and light sensitivity and initial visits to GPs and to the A&E department had only resulted in the patient being given pain relief.  Cllr Smith had accompanied him to a further visit to a GP when the symptoms had worsened and suggested that he needed an urgent referral to a neurologist and that an MRI scan with contrast was needed.  This was duly arranged by the GP, along with a referral to Endocrinology to investigate why the patient’s hormone levels were skewed.  Cllr Smith also pointed out that, during this time, the drive through Phlebotomy service at the Eco-power stadium in Doncaster had been very useful when her family member had needed to obtain a blood test. 


Cllr Smith stressed that this was not a complaint about the NHS and she appreciated the pressures that the service was currently facing, but she did wish to point out that her family member had been made to feel like he was a nuisance when he had made the initial visits to GPs and to A&E and was sent home with pain relief.  She was also concerned over how other more vulnerable and less articulate patients were being looked after in situations such as this and felt it was important to not lose sight of the need to treat all patients with compassion.


During discussion on the points raised by Cllr Smith, Richard Parker agreed that, irrespective of the current pressures, the primary role of the NHS should always be to treat people with care and compassion.  This included listening to patients so that their needs could be identified and a timely diagnosis and referral to services ensured.  He stated that he would be happy to look in more detail at any aspects of the case described by Cllr Smith and provide a full response if Cllr Smith so wished.


Anthony Fitzgerald confirmed that the temporary Phlebotomy service at the Eco-power stadium was due to close on 24 November, due to the need to prioritise service provision, however he stressed that patient accessibility to all NHS services and facilities was always a key consideration and in the light of Cllr Smith’s comments today, he would seek assurances from colleagues that there were no accessibility issues in relation to Phlebotomy services at the DRI and Montagu sites together with GP practices across Doncaster.


Richard Parker added that difficult conversations would be needed with partners and the wider community in the future as regards  ...  view the full minutes text for item 90.


Declarations of Interest, if any.


There were no declarations of interest made at the meeting.


Minutes of the Meeting of the Health and Wellbeing Board held on 31st August, 2023 (Attached) pdf icon PDF 95 KB


RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting of the Health and Wellbeing Board held on 31st August, 2023, be approved as a correct record and signed by the Chair.



Update on Oral Health Improvement and Dental Services pdf icon PDF 74 KB

Additional documents:


The Board received a presentation by Debbie Stovin, Dr Sarah Robertson and Agatha Agema which gave an overview of how South Yorkshire ICB and City of Doncaster Council were working to improve oral health and reduce oral health inequalities in Doncaster.  The presentation covered:

  • Population oral health data;
  • A summary of the recent oral health needs assessment (OHNA);
  • An overview of the dental commissioning challenges, including dental contract limitations;
  • Access to dental care and the areas of opportunity to improve dental services through system working;
  • The oral health position in Doncaster; and
  • An overview of local community oral health improvement programmes.


The presentation concluded with a summary of what needs to happen in relation to further actions and next steps.


The Board noted that a South Yorkshire Dental Stakeholder event was to be held in Rotherham on the morning of 30 November.  This event was open to a wide range of partners and agencies, including HWB and Overview and Scrutiny members, ICB members, representatives from dental practices, Healthwatch and other agencies.  Further details and invites for this event were currently being sent out.


The officers then answered a wide range of questions on the presentation and the Board discussed various issues raised, including the following points:-


  • The officers described what they felt would constitute success in 12 months’ time.  This included improving accessibility to dental services, better engagement with patients and reducing complaints.  Anthony Fitzgerald stressed that if the ICB chose to make dental services a priority, then resources could be reallocated to assist with this, but obviously the ICB could only work with the resources that were available to it and in the light of the contractual limitations that had been referred to in the presentation.


  • The Board recognised the importance of targeting support for those who struggled with accessing dental services the most, e.g. homeless and other vulnerable people and families living in deprived areas.  Measures being taken included the establishment of a dental service for homeless people which it was hoped would commence in the next few weeks.  The Board was also informed that a flexible commissioning scheme was operating, which took referrals from health visitors and looked after children teams for any children who did not have access to an NHS dentist and who were at high risk of poor oral health.  Under this scheme, children were referred to one of the flexible commissioning dental practices for treatment.


  • Rachael Leslie explained that the number one measure that would improve dental health and oral health was fluoridisation of water supplies across South Yorkshire, including Doncaster.  She explained that plans and a survey for an operable scheme to introduce this across the region had been drawn up by engineers and submitted to the Secretary of State for a decision.


  • The Board noted the importance of supervised tooth brushing schemes for children so that they learned the basics of oral/dental self-care, while recognising the need to get the message across to parents/carers that tooth brushing at home should  ...  view the full minutes text for item 93.


Youth Engagement - Lived Experience: Shaping Stainforth pdf icon PDF 82 KB

Additional documents:


The Board received a presentation by Lucy Garnham and Grace Bennett, supported by Karen Seaman, which outlined the various youth engagement activities that were taking place as part of the Shaping Stainforth initiative.  This project was a 3-year pilot funded by the Health Foundation aimed at improving mental health and wellbeing in communities.  Lucy and Grace had both been taken on as apprentices under the scheme and they outlined their lived experience journeys from the point of leaving school and explained how they had each personally benefitted from this experience on a number of levels, including improved mental health and from a personal development and career perspective.

During subsequent discussion, Board members thanked Lucy and Grace for their excellent and thought-provoking presentations. 

Councillor Nigel Ball advised that it might be useful for Karen and her team to approach the Towns Board to see if they would be willing to have a young person from Shaping Stainforth take up a seat on their membership.  He also gave an example of an inter-generational ‘Miners Tea Party’ event held in Denaby that had been organised in conjunction with Heritage Doncaster which had been an effective way of educating school children on the industrial heritage links in their local community.

Toby Lewis offered to meet with Karen, Lucy and Grace to identify and understand the current gaps in mental health service provision they had spoken of, so that steps could be taken to re-shape services to meet those needs.

In response to a comment by the Chair on the need to link in with local young people in developing the Mental Health Strategy, Lee Golze confirmed that Karen and the team had been invited to the next Mental Health Strategy Group meeting in order to discuss ways in which all parties could connect better in this area of work.  Lee also indicated that he would like to visit Karen and the team to see the good work they had been doing in Stainforth with a view to replicating this approach in other regenerative neighbourhoods in Doncaster.

With regard to actions, Rachael Leslie asked that a further recommendation be added in relation to encouraging all partners to have more apprentices within their organisations, particularly apprentices from local communities, working on local projects.

In addition to the above, the Board noted the following recommendations had been put forward for consideration:

  • Listen to the voice of young people to support strength based changes;
  • Invest in hyper local mental health services to ensure services for young people are accessible and local; and
  • Influence young people’s experiences by investing in Shaping Stainforth methodology.

The Chair suggested that these recommendations should be revisited by the Board at a future meeting, to allow time for the discussions to be held at the Mental Health Strategy Group and other actions as referred to above to be completed.  Karen and the apprentices would be invited back again at that time to update the Board on progress and to advise on any outstanding areas  ...  view the full minutes text for item 94.


Fairness and Wellbeing Commission Recommendations pdf icon PDF 44 KB

Additional documents:


The Board received a presentation by Rachael Leslie which provided an update on the latest position regarding the progress of the Fairness and Wellbeing Commission, including the process and methodology that had been followed by the Commission in reaching its recommendations.


The presentation gave an overview of the purpose and scope of the Commission, its membership and the key principles and values that its members had agreed to follow through the course of the Commission’s investigations.  It then summarised each recommendation in turn, before concluding with the timeline for next steps and recommendations for this Board to consider.


Rachael informed the Board that an online workshop would be arranged later this month which would provide members with an opportunity to look at the Commission’s recommendations in greater detail, prior to this Board formally considering the recommendations in January 2024.


RESOLVED to note the progress of the Fairness and Wellbeing Commission, including the proposal to hold an online workshop later this month to discuss the Commission’s recommendations.



Smoke Free Generation - Proposed Legislation pdf icon PDF 101 KB

Additional documents:


The Board received a report which provided further details on the planned legislation to raise the age of sale for tobacco by one year every year and to tighten restrictions on the sale of vapes to children and young people. 

In summarising the salient points, Rachael Leslie explained that these proposals would help Doncaster to achieve the ambition of a smokefree England by 2030 and ensure children and young people did not become addicted to tobacco in the first place.




1)    support the proposed changes to legislation for age of sale for tobacco and marketing of vapes,


2)    respond to the national consultation on vaping and the changes to the age of sale via the Tobacco Control Group;


3)    support local schools in responding to the consultation on vaping; and


4)    write to Doncaster MPs with the Board’s recommendation that the new legislation be supported.



Health Inequalities - A Focus on Gypsy Roma Traveller (GRT) Communities pdf icon PDF 90 KB

Additional documents:


The Board received a presentation by Mandy Espey, Marius Taba and Whitley Marie Smith, which outlined the health inequalities being faced by the Gypsy Roma Traveller communities living in Doncaster.  As part of the presentation, Whitley outlined a case study example of the life journey experienced by one female member of the GRT community and how she and her family had been supported by various agencies/partners to make personal life changes that had resulted in positive outcomes for all concerned.


It was reported that there were estimated to be 4000 people from Gypsy Roma and Traveller communities living in Doncaster, the second largest settlement in the region. The GRT community experienced the starkest health and social inequalities of all ethnic groups, with the biggest challenge they faced being hate crime and discrimination, affecting them through all life stages. They also struggled to navigate services and often did not get the timely care and support that they needed. Consequently, they experienced significantly worse mental and physical health, with life expectancy being 10-25 years shorter than the general population. These communities touched a wide range of partners, including housing, health, social care, education, police, prison and young offender services. There was some good work happening across Doncaster to support the communities, but it was not consistent or joined up.


Members noted that the Board was being asked to consider ways of bringing wider partners together to connect with GRT communities, using more of a health inequality and kindness lens to improve their physical and mental health and wellbeing.  On this subject, the Board noted that there was scope for more joined up working between partners and the ask at today’s meeting was for the Board to support a more integrated approach towards improving the health of the GRT communities.


Arising from discussion on the points raised, a number of Board members gave a commitment to work with Mandy and colleagues in addressing issues around accessibility to services for the GRT community and providing training for their employees/colleagues so that they had a greater insight and appreciation of the GRT communities they served.  Board Members acknowledged that as leaders, each had an important role to play in improving the health outcomes for the GRT communities in Doncaster, both as a moral and a health and wellbeing imperative.


The Chair asked that those organisations on the Board that were not in attendance today be contacted and asked to consider appropriate actions/recommendations, alongside the other Board members, so that an update could be brought to the Board’s meeting in March 2024.




1.         That the Board supports a more integrated and joined up approach towards improving the health of the GRT communities;


2.         That Board members give a commitment to work with Mandy and colleagues in addressing issues around accessibility to services for the GRT community and providing training for their employees/colleagues so that they have a greater insight and appreciation of the GRT communities they serve; and


3.         That those organisations on the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 97.


Health Protection Assurance Group Minutes of 18 October, 2023 pdf icon PDF 54 KB

Additional documents:


The Board received and noted the minutes of the Health Protection Assurance Group meeting held on 18 October 2023.