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Minutes of the Licensing Sub-Committee meetings held on 26th November, 2018, 3rd December, 2018, 5th December, 2018, 10th December, 2018 and 7th January, 2019 pdf icon PDF 45 KB

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RESOLVED that the minutes of the Licensing Sub-Committee meetings held on 26th November, 2018, 3rd December, 2018, 5th December, 2018, 10th December, 2018 and 7th January, 2019 be approved as a correct record and signed by the Chair.


Application for a New Premises licence for Mexborough Business Centre, College Road, Mexborough, Doncaster, S64 9JP (Appendix G to the report is not for publication as it contains personal information protected by Data Protection Legislation, not required to be published in accordance with the Licensing Act, 2003) pdf icon PDF 742 KB

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The Committee considered an application for a new premises licence for Mexborough Business Centre, College Road, Mexborough.


The application was brought before the Committee due to the number of representations made by local residents with concerns in relation to the four key licensing objectives.


The Sub-Committee Members, the Premises Licence Holder and the Objectors making representations had received the Agenda Papers prior to the meeting.


At the commencement of the hearing, the Chair made introductions and outlined the procedure to be followed.


The Licencing Officer introduced the report and outlined the salient points.


The Applicant, Peter Newman, and his business partner, Stephen Cooper addressed the Committee and outlined the key points, and answered questions.


Adjournment of Meeting


RESOLVED that the meeting stand adjourned from 10.50 to 11.00 am in order to allow the applicant to amend his application to address some of the concerns of the objections.


Reconvening of Meeting


The meeting reconvened at 11.00 am.


Following the adjournment, the Committee continued to question the applicant following his amendment to the licensed areas of this application which aimed to provide greater clarity on the venue and its use.


The Objector, Mrs Catherine Martel, who spoke on behalf of local residents objecting to the application was given the opportunity to present her representations to the Committee and answered questions.


All parties were then asked to leave the room whilst the Sub-Committee deliberated on the application and reached a decision.


RESOLVED that the Licensing Sub-Committee considered the application for a Premises Licence for Mexborough Business Centre, College Road, Mexborough and have taken into account the written representations made and the evidence presented today, the steps that are appropriate to promote the Licensing Objectives, the Home Office Guidance and our Statement of Licensing Policy and have decided to grant the licence in the terms set out in Appendix B as amended:-


The Committee have noted that the application has already been amended by agreeing to conditions requested by the Police and environmental services. The committee have also noted that today the application has been further amended which has further limited the area that licensable activities will be taking place. The Committee noted that this appears to have addressed a number of the concerns raised by the objectors.


There were still concerns raised about the terminal hour and that there would be noise from the premises from patrons leaving. The Applicant has clarified the procedure they follow when visitors arrive and leave which is to limit all access through the main entrance only. Any other entrances are locked and only opened in an emergency. It was submitted this is to keep noise to a bare minimum. The Committee agrees that this will minimise noise disruption.


Over the last 2 years the Premises have hosted 25 events and the applicant submitted they had been no objections to the events and nor any complaints about the events themselves The representative of the objectors confirmed she was not aware of any of the objectors having any noise issues from the events that have been taking place at the premises. The Committee is therefore satisfied that the amended application and agreed conditions will ensure that any noise is minimised.


The Committee therefore believes that the Application together with the agreed conditions ensures the licensing objectives are promoted.