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Minutes of the SACRE meeting held on 7th November, 2018 pdf icon PDF 194 KB


RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 7th November, 2018 be agreed as a true record.


Update report for SACRE March 2019 pdf icon PDF 332 KB


Lat Blaylock updated on the launch event on 7th November, 2018 informing members that approximately 50 delegates had attended. This was encouraging however, concern was raised that there were no secondary school representatives.


Since the event 10 schools had been in touch with RE Today with queries in connection with the syllabus. This suggested schools were starting to use and implement the syllabus.


Lat Blaylock informed SACRE he had attended a session earlier in the day with Doncaster schools focussing on Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development. The event had been attended by representatives from 17 primary schools.


Some representatives had not attended the syllabus launch in November 2018 and enquired whether a further session could be scheduled. It was also recommended that an up to date email list for schools with appropriate RE contacts be developed to assist future event planning.


SACRE was informed there was currently no information on the number of schools who had started to implement the syllabus.


The Committee discussed the actions arising from the previous meeting and the following issues were raised:


  • It was reported that the syllabus was digitally available to Doncaster Schools free of charge but must be password protected on the Schools website and not publicly available to download. School’s wishing to purchase a hard copy of the syllabus would be required to pay £29 per copy.


  • It was reported that further mini guides could be added to the syllabus once the password protection was in place.


  • Lat Blaylock agreed to forward a copy of the syllabus to SACRE Members for information.


  • It was suggested that the next session for school’s be held by RE Today on 26th June 2019, inviting Secondary schools to the morning session, Primary to the afternoon session and SACRE at 4pm. It was suggested that if the event was hosted at a secondary school this may encourage participation.


  • Members discussed how secondary schools had a role in educating and informing children and young people on issues such as racism, Islamophobia, anti-semitism.


  • Mr Syed offered his services to any schools to explain and support teaching on the Islamic faith.


  • Members referred to the need to ensure SACRE membership was up to date and outstanding vacancies filled to ensure SACRE could operate effectively.


  • Lat Blaylock identified 3 delegates form the earlier development session who had indicated an interest in being appointed to SACRE.



The chair thanked those in attendance and declared the meeting closed.



Date and time of next meeting


RESOLVED that the next meeting of SACRE be held on Wednesday, 26th June, 2019 at 4.30 pm at the Civic Office.