Agenda and draft minutes

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Declarations of Interest.


There were no declarations made at the meeting.


Minutes of the meeting held on 12th November, 2020. pdf icon PDF 69 KB


RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting on 12th November, 2020, be approved as a true record.


Presentation on Humanism - Bob Kiddle


The Committee received a presentation from Mr Bob Kiddle, a local Humanist who had expressed an interest in sitting on the Committee in representation of the Humanist Faith.


Mr Kiddle gave an overview of Humanism, explaining its beliefs, philosophy and views and explained that the Humanist view largely centred around morality, humanity and how people could live a full, good and happy life, full of liberty, peace and freedom as a result of seeing goodness in other people and the world around us and following a strong moral code.


Following the presentation, Members of the Committee were invited to put any questions to Mr Kiddle and an interesting and worthwhile discussion ensued.  Members felt that it would be a worthwhile inclusion in the Religious Education Curriculum, which was now exploring wider views and a broader scope to provoke greater thinking amongst children and young people.


The Committee felt that the addition of Mr Kiddle in representation of the Humanist Faith would be a positive addition to the Committee and agreed that it would be worthwhile to explore this further.


            RESOLVED that the presentation be noted.


National Updates from RE Today: Spring 2021 - Lat Blaylock. pdf icon PDF 120 KB


Lat Blaylock, RE Today, provided an overview of the Spring Update and outlined to Members the key issues presenting themselves nationally at the current time.


The following issues were raised on which Lat gave a broader explanation:-


·         Subject Enhancement

·         RE Connecting

·         Anti-Racism Training

·         The role of SACRE

·         Understanding Christian Resources

·         National Curriculum Symposium on RE

·         Lockdown Learning Resources


Following the information provided Members were given the opportunity to ask any further questions and seek further information.


            RESOLVED that the update provided be noted


RE Today: Collective Workshop Guidance - Lat Blaylock. pdf icon PDF 1 MB


Lat Blaylock, RE Today, provided information to the Committee with regard to Collective Workshop. This was a substantive item of thinking and was needed in schools nationally in order to ensure schools worked to uphold a number of values. It was reported that many people had the view that the concept of worship could only be had in religion and it was more the concept of working towards the values it represented, worth being one of them.


An online publication was available, and outlined a number of themes and strategies looking closely at the concept of school assemblies. This was a good place for there to be a shared and vibrant aspect of learning where children could learn collectively.


There was a great deal of good practice of this style of collective learning in Primary Schools and has been a long term tradition that has been upheld by many schools, giving children a chance to come together as one.


It was hoped that moving forward that schools could use the Collective Workshop Guidance to build a central school community, moving upwards from Primary to Secondary schools and using the assembly as a useful learning tool.


Members welcomed the proposals contained within the presentation and the Committee were in agreement to move this proposal forward and promote this aspect of Religious Education in schools.


Members were informed that this would be published on the RE Today website and was free to access for all schools. It would be publicised through local bulletins to head teachers across Doncaster and communicated on Edulog to schools.


It was acknowledged that this was a good piece of work and was a great resource that would have a positive effect.



RESOLVED that the Committee support the proposal to promote the Collective Workshop Guidance in schools and encourage schools to engage with the recommendations.


Any Other Business


The Committee noted that this was the last meeting of the Municipal Year and a number of changes would be made to the Membership of the Committee following the elections in May.

The Chair, Councillor Gilliver informed the Committee that he was not standing for re-election and this would be his last meeting.


Additionally the Vice Chair, Father Dan Parkinson also informed Members that he was standing down as he was being posted to another post and would no longer be residing in Doncaster.


Members of the Committee conveyed their thanks to the Chair and Vice Chair and wished them well for the future.


Date and time of next meeting


The next meeting of the Committee would take place on Thursday, 1 July, 2021 at 4.30 pm. The venue would be communicated to Members nearer the time.