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Children and Young People Overview and Scrutiny Panel

This page lists the meetings for Children and Young People Overview and Scrutiny Panel.


Information about Children and Young People Overview and Scrutiny Panel

1.         The Panel will conduct enquiries and investigations, in relation to those functions of the Council (and other matters of local interest), referred to them in the Annual Work Plan and any additional issues referred by the Overview and Scrutiny Management Committee.


2.         The work of the Panel will be undertaken in accordance with the requirements of the Council’s Constitution including the Overview and Scrutiny Procedure Rules and any Overview and Scrutiny protocols.


3.         The Panel be empowered to establish ad hoc Working Groups from within its membership, to undertake project and policy development work, to meet the objectives and targets of its annual Work Plan.


4.         The Panel may review and scrutinise relevant public bodies and partners in the Borough, including the Council’s contribution and relationship with them and, where necessary, request them to address overview and scrutiny and local people about their activities and performance or particular decisions, initiatives or projects.