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Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (SACRE)

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Name, Address1, Address2, Address3, Address4, Postcode, Phone, Mobile, Email
Councillor Jane Cox, C/O Members Support Office, Floor 2 Civic Building, Waterdale, Doncaster, DN1 3BU, , 07910 302515,
Councillor Sue Knowles, c/o civic office, Civic Building, Waterdale, Doncaster, DN1 3BU, , ,
Councillor Tracey Moran, 7 Wordsworth Avenue, Balby, Doncaster, DN4 8JU, , , , ,
Councillor Glynis Smith, 39 St. Georges Avenue, Dunsville, Doncaster, DN7 4DR, , , 01302 885658, ,
Ms Joanne Crowther, (Address not supplied)
Alec Depledge, (Address not supplied)
Danielle Heath, (Address not supplied)
Mr Richard Iball, (Address not supplied)
Mrs Pahani Kaur, (Address not supplied)
Ms A Nicolson, (Address not supplied)
Lucy Saxton, (Address not supplied)
Mary Sivaanbu, (Address not supplied)
Mr S Syed, (Address not supplied)
Mr B Teimoori, (Address not supplied)
Rev Tom McCready, (Address not supplied)
Tara Moxon, (Address not supplied)
Sally Faulkner, (Address not supplied)
Mr Andy Wright, (Address not supplied)
Mr Joel Ward, (Address not supplied)
Mr Bob Kiddle - Co-opted Member, (Address not supplied)