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Decisions published

10/01/2020 - AHWB 059 2019 Love Where You Live Doncaster ref: 1883    Recommendations Approved

Support was requested for the Love Where you Live Project to provide support for the specific rear alleyways within Hyde Park, Doncaster. A grant would be allocated to Hubbub to regenerate the alleyways as part of the overarching Support, Engagement and Education Project which was funded through the Controlling Migration Fund.

Hyde Park was one of the locations identified based on community feedback and the number of volunteers stepping forward to make a difference in their communities in a positive way.

The project would run for 12 months and run alongside existing enforcement work, would look to identify regular offenders and utilise a number of tools and powers as appropriate.

Hubbub is an independent charity organisation that creates and drives environmental campaigns and have a proven record of successfully delivering similar projects.

There is a keen focus on reducing flytipping as a result of the project and look to inspire more sustainable ways of living, with a view to empowering the Communities to take ownership and continue the legacy after the project is completed.

Decision Maker: Director of Adults, Health and Well-Being

Decision published: 27/02/2020

Effective from: 10/01/2020


To allocate a grant to an external, not for profit organisation, Hubbub, to initiate, implement and complete the Love Where You Live Project in conjunction with local residents within targeted areas in Hyde Park.

Transforming the alleyways at the rear of Cunningham Road, Somerset Road and Elmfield Road and empowering the local community to take ownership of their neighbourhood, at a cost of £34,850 plus VAT.

The cost is fully funded through Central Government's Controlling Migration Fund, which has already been allocated to Doncaster Council, with permissions granted by The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) for such projects to be undertaken within the scope of the grant.

Lead officer: Phil Holmes

14/01/2020 - Public Questions and Statements ref: 1864    Awaiting Implementation

Decision Maker: Cabinet

Made at meeting: 14/01/2020 - Cabinet

Decision published: 15/01/2020

Effective from: 14/01/2020


Mayor Ros Jones read out the following question submitted by Councillor Nick Allen:-


“I am pleased reference has been made to a local discount for people who were affected by the recent flooding. I welcome and fully support a council tax discount for homes affected by flooding. I would like to know if this discount will apply to every home affected? How long will the discount last for?”


Mayor Ros Jones gave the following response:-


“We remain fully committed to supporting the people affected by the floods of November 2019. Following a key decision that I took on the 20th November 2019 under Rule 16 for Special Urgency, we will award a 100% Council Tax Discount to all properties where flood water entered the habitable area of the property; or where flood water did not enter the habitable area, but the authority considers the property was unliveable for any period of time.


The Council Tax Discount is awarded for a minimum of 3 months, but will continue for longer whilst anyone is unable to return home as a result of the flooding. Also, where someone is unable to return to their main home, they will receive a 100% parallel Council Tax Discount at any temporary accommodation where they have Council Tax to pay.


So far discounts have been awarded to 685 properties affected by the flooding, with a further 51 parallel discounts awarded on temporary accommodation. The total value of discounts to date is £266,661.54, and we will be reimbursed by Government, for the value of discounts awarded.”


14/01/2020 - Calculation and Approval of the Council Tax Base for 2020/2021. ref: 1862    Recommendations Approved (subject to call-in)

Decision Maker: Cabinet

Made at meeting: 14/01/2020 - Cabinet

Decision published: 14/01/2020

Effective from: 14/01/2020

07/01/2020 - PH 16/2019 Get Doncaster Moving – Active Communities Grants ref: 1863    Recommendations Approved

Our compelling vision to address the challenge of Doncaster’s inactivity levels has been recognised by Sport England as one of 12 national Local Delivery Pilot sites in 2017. This has provided Doncaster with the opportunity to gain support and resources.

Our most recent investment proposal to Sport England was approved by Cabinet on the 23.09.19. It described the 6 six key proposals of our Get Doncaster Moving Investment Plan that we would utilise the funding for:-
• Active Communities
• Future Parks Doncaster
• Doncaster Evaluation
• Systems Network & Leadership
• Maximising the Impact of Major Sports Events
• Marketing & Communications

This Officer Decision record is in relation to the work that we want to develop in relation to Active Communities.

Since the investment award, we have worked hard to listen to and understand our communities through a number of discovery, dream and design phases; led by our work with the Behavioural Science Consortium and the Well Doncaster asset-based community development approach.
We are now in a position to respond to the insight, which has told us that individuals and groups of people in communities are part of the solution to help people to ‘get out and about more’. We now need to provide adequate and accessible resources in a way that communities require, in order to change the lives of real people.

The Active Communities Grants will fund ideas from local people, groups and organisations that create the right conditions for people to ‘get out and about more’ and be active where they live.

Applications can be made up to £500, there is no minimum amount and are open to constituted or unconstituted groups.

Individuals or groups who are un-constituted and do not have a bank account will be advised to contact the Well Officer that is based in their locality, in the first instance. The Well Officer will discuss the idea with the applicant, and support them to explore opportunities to either:
1. Connect with an existing constituted group or organisation, who is eligible to act as the accountable body and apply on their behalf
2. Support the groups to become constituted, with a bank account
If option 1 or 2 above are not possible, the applicant will complete an application form specifically designed for un-constituted groups. If successful, Doncaster Council will manage bookings and/or payments on behalf of the applicant. This will be managed between the Well Doncaster and Get Doncaster Moving administration teams.

The decisions and recommendations about resource allocation will reflect the community-led approach, while considering the scale of investment, frequency of decision making, staff capacity and geographical boundaries.
Four locality panels will be established (local people and Doncaster Council Officers), with responsibility for the four locality boundaries. The panels will convene electronically (via email), on a monthly basis and their role will be to;
? assess Active Communities Grant applications from individuals, groups and organisations based within the respective locality boundary, as detailed in the map;
? provide recommendations of those applications to be funded, to the Sport England Strategic Lead for Doncaster (in line with National Lottery funding requirements)

The panels sit within the Get Doncaster Moving and DGT Governance structures, as detailed in the diagram below:
Following consultation with the respective Cabinet Members for Public Health, Communities and Adult Social Care, it has been agreed that all Elected Members will be sent the applications from their Ward each month. Elected Members will be invited each month to score and comment on the applications from their ward, within the same timescales and terms as the Locality Panel. The Cabinet Member for Public Health, Leisure and Culture will have oversight and comment alongside the Sport England Strategic Lead at the final sign-off stage.

Records of who is has accessed the grant, amount of investment and a summary of what each grant aims to achieve will be maintained by the Get Doncaster Moving Project Support Officer. Individuals, groups and organisations are able to access the grant on more than one occasion; however, the grant must be used in a different way for each application. Every application will be assessed against the pre-application criteria and Active Communities Grant Database to ensure that this is the case.

Records will be reviewed at regular intervals by the LDP Delivery Group (including Sport England) to ensure that the integrity of the programme is maintained and outcomes of the grant are being met.
Within six months of grant award, recipients of grants will be supported to complete a short questionnaire to monitor the impact of the grant, and these will be analyses by our Evaluation partner, CFE Research.

Decision Maker: Director of Public Health

Decision published: 07/01/2020

Effective from: 07/01/2020


To allocate £150,000 to an Active Communities Grants Scheme, where individuals, groups and organisations are able to apply for up to £500. The scheme will start on 16/12/19, and will be open until the investment has been allocated (scheduled 31/3/21). Four locality panels will assess applications and provide recommendations to Sport England and the Cabinet Member for Public Health, Leisure and Culture who will make a formal decision.

This Officer Decision Record is following the approval by Cabinet on the 23.09.19 to receive £1.8m from Sport England to maximise opportunities from the Local Delivery Pilot and delegate to Director of Public Health in consultation with the Chief Financial Officer and the relevant portfolio holder to ensure spend is in accordance with the bid and to undertake the accountable body role.

Lead officer: Dr Rupert Suckling

01/10/2019 - Public Questions and Statements ref: 1820    Recommendations Approved

Decision Maker: Cabinet

Made at meeting: 01/10/2019 - Cabinet

Decision published: 06/01/2020

Effective from: 01/10/2019


There were no public statements made at the meeting.


06/01/2020 - CR/337/11/19 ref: 1861    Recommendations Approved

To ensure that the Council’s interests are sufficiently represented through its appointments to these bodies.

Such appointments help to ensure that the Council’s views are represented to local and national groups and, where the representative has voting rights, that the Council is involved in any decisions that may affect the people of the Borough.

Decision Maker: Director of Corporate Resources

Decision published: 06/01/2020

Effective from: 06/01/2020


To approve the following change to the schedule of Executive appointments to outside bodies for the period 2019/20 to 2020/21:

Corporate Parenting Board – to remove Councillor Tina Reid from the Board and appoint Councillor Duncan Anderson.

Lead officer: Scott Fawcus