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Decisions published

28/11/2019 - AHWB.054.2019 - Day Opportunities ref: 1858    Recommendations Approved

The contracted service with Making Space for the provision of day services currently within two Council owned buildings, (Sandalwood, Wheatley Hills and Moat Hills, Bentley) will expire on the 31 March 2020. A CPR Waiver is currently in place up to this expiry date.
Since commencement of the service on the 1st July 2013 contract monitoring audits have shown that the provider is fully compliant with the contract and there has been significant positive feedback from both attendees and families. The two centres, although not up to maximum capacity on all days, are currently operating at reasonable levels and have seen an increase in the use during the life of the contract. The overall attendance has increased from 56.2% in 2018 to 74% in 2019.
A Service Review was carried out in September 2019. The service was valued by those who attended.

Moving Forward.
Doncaster Council has embarked on a journey that responds to developing further personalisation and choice for individuals. The transformation of the Council’s In House Day Services has been based on the principle of personalised opportunities in localities, with less reliance on building based services. With the current Day Services contract coming to an end the Council has the opportunity to revisit the Service Specification and invite potential Providers to take a more creative, innovative approach to the delivery of Day Opportunities for people over the age of 65 years. This approach going forward aligns with the Place Plan.

Decision Maker: Director of Adults, Health and Well-Being

Decision published: 10/12/2019

Effective from: 28/11/2019


To seek approval to award a contract(s) following a tendering exercise for a contract period of 2 years only for the provision of Day Opportunities.

The contract value is as follows:-
£143k for Lot 1 Sandal Wood Centre, Wheatley Hills for year 1 and £100k for year two £143k for Lot 2 Moathills Centre, Bentley for year 1 and £100k for year two.

Tenders can submit an application for one lot or both lots.

This ODR is in line with the following Adults Health and Wellbeing Commissioning 2018/19 Cabinet Report (27th March 2018) approved recommendations:

• Delegation of authority to agree and sign off commissioning recommendations, to the Director of People (subsequently amended to the Director of Adults Health & Wellbeing), or nominated deputy, as the work plan is progressed.
• Delegation of award of contracts to the Director of People (subsequently amended to the Director of Adults Health & Wellbeing) in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care.

Lead officer: Denise Bann

28/11/2019 - CR 339 11/19 - Appointments to OB ref: 1850    Recommendations Approved

As the Council pays the largest proportion of the Internal Drainage Board funding based on the area of land, it is essential that the Council's interests are sufficiently represented through its appointment to IDBs.

Such appointments also ensure that the Council is involved in any decisions that may affect the people of the Borough.

Decision Maker: Assistant Director Legal and Democratic Services

Decision published: 29/11/2019

Effective from: 28/11/2019


To approve the following appointments of representatives of Doncaster Council on outside bodies with immediate effect (terms of office to run until May 2021):

Black Drain Internal Drainage Board

Adam Porter, Flood Risk Engineer (DMBC Officer) - replaces Pat Hagan (DMBC Officer)
Chris Crowe, Operations Manager (Coal Authority) - replaces Dave Ridge (DMBC Officer)

Danvum Drainage Commissioners Board

Chris Crowe, Operations Manager (Coal Authority) - replaces Barry Roughley (DMBC Officer)

Lead officer: Jonathan Goodrum

26/11/2019 - PH 14 2019 - Get Doncaster Moving Future Parks Doncaster ref: 1849    Recommendations Approved

This decision is following the approval by Cabinet on the 23.09.19 to receive £1.8m from Sport England to maximise opportunities from the Local Delivery Pilot and delegate to Director of Public Health in consultation with the Chief Financial Officer and the relevant Portfolio Holder to ensure spend is in accordance with the bid and to undertake the accountable body role.

Decision Maker: Director of Public Health

Decision published: 28/11/2019

Effective from: 26/11/2019


To award the contract of £49,052 to an external provider to develop an approach to address inactivity with a focus on parks and open spaces.

Lead officer: Clare Henry

15/11/2019 - lOP&S 1920034 - Appointment of New Members on to the Doncaster Council Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (SACRE) and confirmation of current membership ref: 1846    Recommendations Approved

SACRE is the statutory body responsible for advising the local authority on Religious Education (RE) and collective worship and is composed of four groups which represent:

- Christian denominations and other religions (and their denominations)
- The Church of England
- Teacher Associations
- the Local Authority (Elected Members)

In order for a SACRE meeting to be quorate, there must be at least one Member from each of the above groups, and without this, no formal decisions can be taken.

The main function of SACRE is to agree and review the syllabus for teaching religious education in Doncaster schools. It must also produce an annual report of its work and consider any requests from a head teacher to be released from the requirement for collective worship to be broadly of a Christian character. Members of SACRE have responsibility for supporting and encouraging high standards in RE and collective worship across schools in the Borough.

There have been a number of occasions over the past two years where SACRE meetings have been inquorate due to inadequate representation from the four groups. Currently there are eight vacancies across these groups. Following a recent recruitment exercise with Teacher Associations, Church of England and other religions, a number of individuals have now been identified to fill these vacancies. The Education Act 1996 Section 392 (2) states that “before appointing a person to represent any religion, denomination or associations as a members of the council, the authority shall take all responsible steps to assure themselves that he is representative of the religion, denomination or associations put in question.” These assurances have been given for each of the individuals named below, e.g. from the Bishop of Doncaster, Sheffield Synagogue and Teachers Unions.

- Father Dan Parkinson (Assistant Curate at Doncaster Minster – Church of England Representative)
- Carole Cahm (Sheffield Synagogue - Christian representative)
- Sally Faulkner (NASUWT, Sandringham Primary School, Teacher representative)
- Tara Moxon (NEU, Rowena Academy, Teacher Representative)
- Danielle Heath (NEU, Rowena Academy RE Lead, Teacher Representative)

If the appointments are approved prior to its next meeting on 21 November, 2019 it would mean that the Committee would be able to achieve a quorum and therefore ratify any decisions made and move forward with the implementation and monitoring of the revised RE syllabus.

This decision also seeks to reaffirm the current membership of SACRE until the Autumn Term meeting of 2020 as this has not been reviewed for a number of years. At this point consideration can be given to reviewing the full membership and term of office of the SACRE Members.

Decision Maker: Director of Learning, Opportunities and Skills

Decision published: 26/11/2019

Effective from: 15/11/2019


1) To appoint the following representatives onto Doncaster Council’s Standing AdvisoryCouncil on Religious Education (SACRE):-

- Father Dan Parkinson (Assistant Curate at Doncaster Minster – Church of EnglandRepresentative)
- Carole Cahm (Sheffield Synagogue - Christian representative)
- Sally Faulkner (NASUWT, Sandringham Primary School, Teacher representative)
- Tara Moxon (NEU, Rowena Academy, Teacher Representative)
- Danielle Heath (NEU, Rowena Academy RE Lead, Teacher Representative); and

2) Reaffirm the current Membership of SACRE as detailed at Appendix 1.

Lead officer: Riana Nelson