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Decisions published

11/10/2019 - PH 2019/12/PH/FitRovers ref: 1826    Recommendations Approved

Weight management continues to be a priority for Doncaster as the obesity statistics for Doncaster remains unchanged and could potentially grow further. The impact of increasing obesity levels (and associated long term conditions). on health and social care services would be increased without low level prevention and upstream approaches, and the longer term impact on our increasing ageing population would need to be factored in to the future planning of services and budgets.

The Fit Rovers health and wellbeing programme will compliment the current healthy weight portfolio and provides a frontline initiative for males and females around weight reduction and behaviour change approaches in the absence of a Tier 2 weight management service.

The current service has received some short term funding from the Doncaster Clinical Commissioning group and previously a small grant from the Sport England fund however those funds are now depleting although some CCG funding will continue to support the marketing and wider health benefits of the service and compliment the DMBC grant as it will not meet the full service costs. The DMBC grant will support delivery costs only for part year 2019/20 and the funding for 2020/21 onwards will need further consideration in line with finance planning going forwards in 2020/21 but there are no formal commitments for this at this stage.

There is currently no alternative weight management service in Doncaster other than the Tier 3 weight management service which is a pre-bariatric service for the morbidly obese and therefore the Fit Rovers service currently fills a gap in the lower level prevention (tier 2) weight management services approach.

Current data from the programme demonstrates good uptake, retention and outcomes from males and females and the large waiting list (over 200) indicates the need and demand for such a service in Doncaster.

For the reasons above there is currently no alternative service available and if rejected the programme would inevitably have to close and leave unmet need and add to a growing obesity epidemic and further burden on health and social care services.

The Director of Public Health has already had conversations with our Procurement team and finance to ensure that this meets our corporate policy guidelines around grant agreements. The grant agreement will be facilitated through our legal department following sign off the ODR and conversations have already commenced with that department.

Decision Maker: Director of Public Health

Decision published: 14/10/2019

Effective from: 11/10/2019


It has been agreed by the Director of Public Health in conjunction with the Portfolio Holder (Councillor Nigel Ball) to provide a grant for 2019/20 (September 2019 -31st March 2020) to the Club Doncaster Federation to support implementation and delivery of the Fit Rovers Health and Wellbeing programmes. A grant of £30k would be paid in 2x £15k instalments for 2 periods (September to December 2019) and January –March 2020 respectfully based on performance reporting/ monitoring and outcome data from the provider.

Lead officer: Dr Rupert Suckling

13/03/2019 - AHWB.018.20`19 - Service Manager Post Extension ref: 1825    Recommendations Approved

Backfill arrangements are required for the Head of Service (Adults In House Community Provision) for 3 months as the substantive post-holder is seconded into the Community Assistant Directors post until the end of June 2019.
Further details are provided in the attached Officer Decision Record.

Decision Maker: Director of People

Decision published: 10/10/2019

Effective from: 13/03/2019


To approve a 3 month assignment for a Service Manager within Adult Community Provision commissioned through Reeds Recruitment agency.

This contract extension will be effective from 1st April to 30th June 2019.

Lead officer: Damian Allen

06/03/2019 - AHWB,008 2019 Early Lift Installation Eden Lodge ref: 1824    Recommendations Approved

Eden Lodge and Wickett Hern are both purpose built, CCQ registered, 24/7 short break buildings owned by Doncaster Council.
Each unit has 9 bedrooms, 18 in total. In each unit there are 4 on the ground floor wheel chair accessible and 5 bedrooms upstairs. Both units will accommodate emergency admissions for those people who experience crises as a result of family or personal issues or who are transitioning into community supported living. Occupancy fluctuates pending on the time of year and the availability of ground floor rooms. Ground floor rooms are sought after and are generally pre booked in advance reducing the offer of emergency respite for people who have complex needs.
The demand for downstairs beds has increased. Snap shot of occupancy comparisons between 2017 and 2018 are set out in more detail in the attached Officer Decision Record.
As a result of limited availability of downstairs respite rooms.
The proposal is to install a lift (one off cost) into Eden Lodge providing 5 rooms that will accommodate people with mobility issues and are at risk of using stairs.
The lift installation would:
- Reduce the need to commission out of area and expensive respite places. (Based on the lowest £257 per night rate from alternative respite services compared to our cost £140 per night. One of the new Eden Lodge accessible rooms x 365 days can save £42,705 per annum per person). This could save the Council circa £213,000 per annum if the 5 rooms were in use.
- Provide consistency of care in Doncaster
- Reduce carer stress and uncertainty for people requiring short stay breaks.
- Support people and their carers through their life changes.

It is recommended the lift be installed before April 2019 due to occupancy levels rising from April. An early installation would avoid disruption to service delivery.
RDASH have approached Doncaster Short Stay services to accommodate people whose respite services cease end of February 2019.

Decision Maker: Assistant Director Adult Social Care and Safeguarding.

Decision published: 10/10/2019

Effective from: 06/03/2019


To approve the Capital Bid Application of £97,153.50 to install a Lift at Eden Lodge Short Stay Unit for Adults with Complex Needs plus a wet room costing circa £9,000.

Lead officer: Karen Johnson

08/10/2019 - PH 13 2019 - Get Doncaster Moving Marketing and Communications Tender Award ref: 1821    Recommendations Approved

See attached Officer Decision Record for details.

Decision Maker: Director of Public Health

Decision published: 09/10/2019

Effective from: 08/10/2019


To award the contract of £150,000 (along with a further £200k budget allocation to be developed and approved by the GDM Programme Board) to an external provider to deliver a marketing and communication approach to address inactivity.

This decision is following the approval by Cabinet on the 23.09.19 to receive £1.8m from Sport England to maximise opportunities from the Local Delivery Pilot and delegate to the Director of Public Health in consultation with the Chief Financial Officer and the relevant portfolio holder to ensure spend is in accordance with the bid and for Doncaster Council to undertake the accountable body role.

Lead officer: Clare Henry