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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
LOCYP Safeguarding and Access Capital Grant ref: 177409/01/201909/01/2019Not for call-in
1819045 - Thorne Brooke Primary School Academy Conversion ref: 172909/01/201909/01/2019Not for call-in
AHWB 084 2018 - Doncaster Foyer Supported Accommodation for Young People ref: 164711/01/201911/01/2019Not for call-in
AHWB 082 2018 - Community Investment Programme ref: 164531/12/201831/12/2018Not for call-in
AHWB 081 2018 - Advocacy Services Contract Community DOLS representation ref: 164431/12/201831/12/2018Not for call-in
RE19 0002 - Hired Vehicles and Plant ref: 163107/01/201907/01/2019Not for call-in
RE19 0001 Gladys Ambler Centre ref: 163008/01/201908/01/2019Not for call-in
PH 2018/19/PH/Cycle Circ - 1km Closed Road Cycle Circuit Funding Draw Down ref: 162419/12/201819/12/2018Not for call-in
Questions from the public in accordance with Council Procedure Rule 13. ref: 160522/11/201822/11/2018Not for call-in
RE18 0156 - Removal of Bring Bank Facility across the Borough ref: 162320/12/201820/12/2018Not for call-in