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Decisions published

09/01/2019 - LOCYP Safeguarding and Access Capital Grant ref: 1774    Recommendations Approved

At the request of the schools forum, the Department for Education gave permission to establish a central schools block DSG expenditure grant of £1,000000 to focus on two areas:-

* Access
* Safeguarding

The budget will provide learning environment improvements within schools, academies, PRUs and Learning Centres and it is expected a 10% contribution will be required towards any project.

The funding will be allocated over a 3 year period with a full review and progression report supplied to the School Forum in July 2018.

Decision Maker: Director of People

Decision published: 11/07/2019

Effective from: 09/01/2019


Approve the Safeguarding and Access Capital Allocations which were approved by the Learning Provision Organisation Board (LPOB) Safeguarding and Access SubGroup on the 10 October 2018:-

Northbridge Enterprise College - Security Fencing - £9409.04

Lead officer: Neil McAllister

09/01/2019 - 1819045 - Thorne Brooke Primary School Academy Conversion ref: 1729    Recommendations Approved

To comply with the Secretary of State’s Academy Order of 23 November 2018.

Decision Maker: Director of People

Decision published: 11/06/2019

Effective from: 09/01/2019


Further to the academy order of the Regional Schools Commissioner issued on 23 November 2018, the Council is now required to execute all formal documentation necessary to complete the conversion to academy status.
This decision record approves the appropriate instruction to the Council’s Legal section to complete and seal the appropriate documentation in order for Thorne Brooke Primary School to convert to academy status (date to be confirmed) as a converter academy. It is proposed that Thorne Brooke Primary School will join a Multi Academy Trust - Venn Academy Trust.

Lead officer: Damian Allen

11/01/2019 - AHWB 084 2018 - Doncaster Foyer Supported Accommodation for Young People ref: 1647    Recommendations Approved

See attached Officer Decision Record form for full details

Decision Maker: Director of People

Decision published: 25/01/2019

Effective from: 11/01/2019


To seek approval to award a contract following a tendering exercise for a period of 2 years with 2 x 12 month extensions for the provision of a supported accommodation service at Doncaster Foyer.

Lead officer: Sarah Sansoa

31/12/2018 - AHWB 082 2018 - Community Investment Programme ref: 1645    Recommendations Approved

Please see officer decision record for full details

Decision Maker: Assistant Director Adult Social Care and Safeguarding.

Decision published: 25/01/2019

Effective from: 31/12/2018


To seek approval to go out to the voluntary, community, faith sector and social enterprise market with a Community Investment Grant Funding Programme which has a primary focus on supporting the enhancement, capability and sustainability of the sector through a grant making process.

Lead officer: Fay Wood

31/12/2018 - AHWB 081 2018 - Advocacy Services Contract Community DOLS representation ref: 1644    Recommendations Approved

See attached Officer Decision Record for full details.

Decision Maker: Director of People

Decision published: 25/01/2019

Effective from: 31/12/2018


To undertake variation of the existing Advocacy Service Contract to include statutory representation (including legislative changes such as Rule 1.2 Representation) for service users living within a Community Setting (e.g. Supported Living and Extra Care Settings) who are the subject of applications to the court of protection for Community Deprivation of Liberty (DOLS)

Lead officer: Andrew Sykes

07/01/2019 - RE19 0002 - Hired Vehicles and Plant ref: 1631    Recommendations Approved

The current framework for hire vehicles and plant is due to expire in February 2019, to ensure compliance with procurement rules and best value the framework needs re-tendering.

Decision Maker: Assistant Director of Trading Services and Assets

Decision published: 23/01/2019

Effective from: 07/01/2019


To carry out an open ITT exercise through Pro contract to establish a framework of providers for the hire of vehicles, and plant.

Lead officer: Jenny Dawson

08/01/2019 - RE19 0001 Gladys Ambler Centre ref: 1630    Recommendations Approved

The land amounts to approx 0.28 acres and consists of a building that was formerly used as a community centre run by Adults and Communities. Due to budget pressures in 2014 it could no longer be run by the Council and was closed. A community group who already used the centre, were to take lease of the building to continue its use but they since dissolved and the keys were handed back. It has been vacant since early 2018.

Decision Maker: Assistant Director of Trading Services and Assets

Decision published: 23/01/2019

Effective from: 08/01/2019


To approve the sale of former Gladys Ambler Centre, Warmsworth Road, Balby by way of auction.

Lead officer: Sam Taylor

19/12/2018 - PH 2018/19/PH/Cycle Circ - 1km Closed Road Cycle Circuit Funding Draw Down ref: 1624    Recommendations Approved

Following on from the successful hosting of the Tour de Yorkshire stage finish in 2016 and 2018 a decision was made to construct a 1km closed road, cycle circuit. As the popularity of cycling, as a sport and activity, continues to grow, this circuit will provide an accessible and safe environment to support future recreational and performance cycling.
By building a cycle circuit, Doncaster will be provided with a new physical activity offer that will be of benefit across the borough. This will provide a further option for the Doncaster public to engage in physical activity which may allow previously inactive people to ‘get active’ by taking part in a new and exciting cycling activity. The cycle circuit will also facilitate the current growth in recreational and performance cycling following recent exposure via the Tour de Yorkshire and will be used to host the start of the UCI World Championships in September of 2019.
DMBC are working in partnership with Sport England / British Cycling on this project. During preliminary works it was identified; that the circuit must be a minimum of 1km in length; that the design specifications must be agreed by all partners; and that it is also easily accessible by the wider populations of North Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire - thus making sure the circuit is economically viable and minimising the cost to Doncaster residents. Following an audit of potential sites, The Dome was chosen as the most suitable site for the construction of a cycle circuit. Additionally (and as part of the cycle circuit project and funding package), given the footprint of the circuit, it is required that additional car parking is provided in the ‘front car parks’ of The Dome to make up for that that will be lost in the ‘back car park’.
DMBC have committed £650,000 to the project, Sport England / British Cycling have yet to finalise the amount of their match funding, although £600,000 has been requested. However DMBC have received a solicitation letter to be fast tracked into the Places to Ride Trailblazer Programme. The amount of match funding from Sport England / British Cycling is expected to be confirmed around the middle of December 2018.
In order to ensure that the circuit is constructed in time to host the start of the UCI World Championships in September 2019, construction must commence mid-January on the ‘front car parks’. To guarantee that this work begins on time, it is proposed that £252,434.37 is drawn down from DMBC’s capital fund ahead of confirmation of match funding from Sport England / British Cycling.
DMBC have received a WPP ‘letter of comfort’ from Sport England / British Cycling detailing that the £252,434.37 will still be considered as match funding against the full project cost.
There is a marginal risk to this approach but all letters and communication with Sport England and British Cycling provide assurance that they will co fund the circuit. However should there be issue with this it is agreed the programme of works will be brought back to Cabinet for further discussion and approvals.
In summary, it is recommended that DMBC commit to commence work on the car parks at The Dome as part of the project and funding package;
- Using £252,434.37 Of DMBC funding
- Which has been accepted as match funding by Sport England / British Cycling
- And assuming the release of match funding from Sport England / British Cycling that allows coverage of the full cost of the circuit

Decision Maker: Director of Public Health

Decision published: 08/01/2019

Effective from: 19/12/2018


To draw down £252,434.37 from Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council’s Capital fund to allow work to begin on the car parks at The Dome, as part of the Closed Road Cycle Circuit Construction Project.

Lead officer: Rupert Suckling

22/11/2018 - Questions from the public in accordance with Council Procedure Rule 13. ref: 1605    Recommendations Approved

Decision Maker: Council

Made at meeting: 22/11/2018 - Council

Decision published: 07/01/2019

Effective from: 22/11/2018



(A)         Question from Mr. Richard Clark to the Mayor of Doncaster, Ros Jones:-


“Friends of the Earth research shows that Hickleton has the worst air quality in the whole of Yorkshire and ranks amongst the most highly polluted areas nationally.  Hickleton was declared an Air Quality Management Area in 2015, but NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) levels have continued to increase and breach national/EU guidelines.  The high NOx levels are entirely due to the close proximity of houses to the road making it unsuitable for the volume of traffic passing daily.  What actions are DMBC planning to reduce NOx levels and improve air quality?”


The Mayor of Doncaster, Ros Jones, gave the following reply:-


“Thank you for your question Mr. Clark.  It is the case that the annual concentration of nitrogen dioxide along the A635 in Hickleton is the highest recorded within the Borough.


Results also indicate that while concentrations in other areas remain relatively static, Hickleton has seen slight increases over the last 5 years.


The high levels at Hickleton may be attributed to the type and volume of traffic, the proximity of buildings to the roadside, the gradient, bends in the road and the A635 being an arterial route from the A1.


It is clear that improved vehicle emissions are not having the desired effect on Air Quality. It is clear that further measures will be necessary to achieve compliance with the Air Quality objectives.  Doncaster Council has a Steering Group in place that is looking at new opportunities to improve Air Quality where we can.


These action plans are currently being updated and will be published shortly. 


The measures in the Air Quality Action Plan focus on Active Travel, Planning Guidance, Bus Partnerships and Fleet Recognition Schemes.  Thank you for your question Mr. Clark.”


In accordance with Council Procedure Rule 13.10, Mr. Clark asked the Mayor the following supplementary question:-


“Thank you for your answer.  It is clear that the Action Plan measures that have been proposed are insufficient to tackle the poor air quality.  From everything that we hear from Doncaster’s plans and Barnsley’s plans, the volume of traffic is only going to increase further along the A635.  We know the poor air quality is directly down to the volume of traffic.  I therefore doubt whether any specific measures on air quality being tackled alone, will reduce the NOx levels.


There are 19 houses that directly front on to that road; many of them have got young children and I do not think it is fair to the residents to just look at the cost benefit ratio and ignore health.  My question is, we would like a Senior Official from the Council on Air Quality to work with us, so that at least we feel that you are talking to us, you are listening to us and that there may be things that we can agree specifically and jointly that we would find beneficial to us.  So my question is, can we work together and can you nominate someone that we can liaise with and work with in order to at least, be sure that you are listening to what we have to say?”


In response, the Mayor gave the following reply:-


“Mr. Clark, I would be delighted to get someone to contact you and they will discuss where they are with the renewal of the action plans coming forward and we will always work with all the public.  So, I will get your information passed on; I can pass your email on to an Elected Member, so they can get in touch with you and I will do this via my Portfolio Holder, Councillor Chris McGuinness, who will ensure that it will take place. Thank you.”


(B)    Question from Mr. Tony Wilson to the Mayor of Doncaster, RosJones:-


“When will work start on an improved road structure from the A1 at Marr to the Dearne Valley Parkway at Goldthorpe to incorporate a by-pass as promised many years ago for the village of Hickleton in particular, but also Marr itself.  I have contacted the road haulage association who indicate a 54% increase in road traffic by 2050. I have also contacted Transport for the North, an independent government backed hub with money to help such a scheme.  It has been highlighted by Sheffield Council as well as Barnsley and indeed yourselves as an area of concern.  2021, and certainly by 2022, to start such a project, is surely a target for this Council?”


The Mayor of Doncaster, Ros Jones, gave the following reply:-


The scheme is recognised as a potential infrastructure project and its aspiration status has been established in the various strategic and spatial infrastructure plans including the Unitary Development Plan in 1998.  However, the measurable outcomes that trigger current infrastructure investment are comparatively limited for this proposal. The scheme would be very costly, circa £40m, with no identified developer contribution producing a likely low benefit cost ratio.


The scheme would be impacted on by the new HS2 route requiring a crossing of the High Speed Rail line.  Also, the scheme would need to be integrated into the Highways England scheme for A1M widening which has not progressed past feasibility stage and is unlikely to be funded before 2025.


Any potential funding through Transport for the North would be post 2027 and there is currently no timetable for Local Growth funding coming to the City Region.  When funding does become available, we will still need to provide a robust, compelling economic business case for the scheme providing a good benefit cost ratio.


Given the above, Doncaster has positioned the project within the emerging spatial plans that establish the schemes’ status.  However, due to the issues outlined in relation to the benefit cost ratio and available funding, it is not likely the scheme would be seriously considered in the near or medium term future.  Thank you for your question.  We will continue to pursue it.”


In accordance with Council Procedure Rule 13.10, Mr. Wilson asked the Mayor the following supplementary question:-


“I am a long time Doncastrian.  I have been in contact with the hub at Northern Transport and they are amazed that you have not informed them of the incredible amount of accidents and pollution levels in this village; they are not aware of this.  They have said to me that their job is to consult and collaborate with them and they have every opportunity to bring this by-pass forward through collaboration and consultation with the likes of people that I have been in touch with, namely, James Jordan, who is Transport for the North Corporate and Engagement Officer.


The A635 concerns are long-term issues, which will be addressed in due course, as you have said.  However, they are keen to address strategic priorities and concerns through collaboration and consultation.


Simon Shrouder at Transport for the North, who is Rail Stakeholder Manager, has very serious concerns regarding Hickleton and he wants to hear more.  I am asking you as the Mayor to contact Transport for the North immediately and get on with the by-pass?”


In response, the Mayor gave the following reply:-


“We have certainly inputted in to the Sheffield City Region’s response to the Transport for the North’s priority schemes and we will continue to do so, and will make sure that our Officers ensure that all the people that you are quoting, if you can let us have those names, are also consulted.”

20/12/2018 - RE18 0156 - Removal of Bring Bank Facility across the Borough ref: 1623    Recommendations Approved

In March 2018 the Council changed the kerbside recycling service to predominantly a wheeled bin resulting in residents having more capacity for recycling, reducing the reliance on bring site provision.
Recently the bring sites have been subject to abuse from commercial outlets and also have become a magnet for fly tipping, leading to a number of complaints about the sites.

Decision Maker: Director of Regeneration and Environment

Decision published: 03/01/2019

Effective from: 20/12/2018


To remove the bring sites on both Council owned land; and private land where the Council pay for these containers.

Lead officer: Andy Rutherford