Officer decisions

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Officer decisions
Title Date
PH/18/2021 Tier2 - Approval for contract variation for Tier 2 weight management service for adults (Public Health England grant allocation – Rule 16 approval) 28/07/2021
PH/20/2021 - AccLeisureInvest - Accelerated Leisure Facility Capital Investment & Maintenance 17/08/2021
LOP&S - 2122047 - Doncaster Opportunity Area Year 5 - Mental Health Support Programme 26/08/2021
LOP&S - 2021044 - Sheffield City Region Start Platform 09/04/2021
EE21 0229 - Approval to enter into Funding Agreement with Sheffield City Region (SCR) to draw down approved SCR Getting Building Done and Transforming Cities Fund for the delivery of Quality Streets Active Travel and Digital Infrastructure Programme: 13/09/2021
AHWB.037.2021 Financial Support to Adult Social Care 21/09/2021
AHWB.035.2021 Funding for Three Temporary Posts in Adults, Health and Wellbeing 27/07/2021
AHWB.033.2021 OPCC Grant Funding 23/08/2021
AHWB.029.2021 - Installation of Alley Gates for Don Street and Brooke Street 11/08/2021
LOP&S: 2122056 - Recruitment of 1fte Early Help Coordinator and 1 fte Family Lead Practitioner to support the Alternative Provision Specialist Taskforce at St Wilfred’s Academy. 23/09/2021
AHWB.030.2021 G10 Manager Hamilton Court 12/08/2021
LOP&S - 2122052 - Use of Wellbeing for Education Return funding to support habilitation of visually impaired students 26/08/2021
LOP&S - 2122045 - Sleep Service 12/08/2021
lOP&S: 2122055 - Disposal from the Collections of Heritage Doncaster – Libraries and Heritage Services 21/09/2021