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To consider the extent, if any, to which the public and press are to be excluded from the meeting.


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To receive any announcements from the Chair of Council, the Mayor, Members of the Cabinet or the Head of Paid Service.


Questions from the public in accordance with Council Procedure Rule 13:-


(a)   Question from Mr. Tony Wilson to the Mayor of Doncaster, Ros Jones:-


Has a consultant been appointed to put together a report to the Northern Transport hub of the Government by March 2020 and has a route been agreed for this proposed necessary improvement from Goldthorpe to the A1 at Marr?”


A. Items where the Public and Press may not be excluded.

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To consider the following Motion, written notice of which has been given by the Mayor, Ros Jones and Seconded by Councillor Dave Shaw, in accordance with Council Procedure Rule 16.1:-


Climate & Biodiversity Emergency


“The United Nations (UN) Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has warned that we have 12 years to make the necessary changes to limit a rise in global temperatures to 1.5C.  Failure to act will see a marked increase in sea levels and flooding, extreme and abrupt changes to weather patterns, crop failures, extinctions of plant, insect and animal species and global economic disruption and crisis.  The increased frequency and intensity of extreme weather events that we have experienced locally and nationally highlight why this is such an important issue for Team Doncaster to respond to.


At the Global Climate Talks in Poland last December, the UK along with over 200 nations agreed action on climate change with a much greater role strongly implied for Local and Regional Authorities like Doncaster Council, in assisting Governments to achieve their carbon emission savings.


It should also be noted at the UN Secretary-General António Guterres will host the 2019 Climate Action Summit in New York next Monday 23rd September, to meet the climate challenge.  The Summit will showcase a leap in collective national political ambition and reinforce the drive needed to rapidly accelerate action to implement the Paris Agreement.


This Council therefore:-


·           Believes that climate change and sustainability are amongst the biggest issues of the 21st Century, and the effects of manmade and dangerous climate change are already manifestly occurring;


·           Declares a Climate and Biodiversity Emergency;


·           Notes that our current international targets are inadequate to respond to the challenge of keeping global temperature rises below 1.5C; and


·           Notes the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) detail that we are already seeing the consequences of a 1°C of global warming through more extreme weather, rising sea levels and diminishing Arctic sea ice, among other worrying changes.


We Request that Council:-


·           Sets a new target and action plan for Doncaster Council to become carbon neutral;


·           Resolves to work with our partners, other local authorities and the Yorkshire Region on carbon reduction projects, to ensure the UK is able to deliver on its climate commitments;


·           Resolves to put sustainability, biodiversity and carbon reduction at the heart of this Council’s agenda going forward supporting communities, business and individuals locally to make more sustainable choices; and


·           Calls on the Government to provide the resources and powers so that Doncaster can make its contribution to the UK’s Carbon Reduction targets.”


To consider the following Motion, written notice of which has been given by Councillor Rachel Hodson and Seconded by Councillor Rachael Blake, in accordance with Council Procedure Rule 16.1:-

Motion on NJC pay to Doncaster Council – A fully funded, proper pay rise, for Council and school workers


“This Council notes:-


·           Local Government has endured cuts from Central Government since 2010, with the think tank Centre for Cities, highlighting that Doncaster has been the 3rd worst hit Council in the UK;


·           Doncaster Council has seen a 31% reduction in Central Government funding since 2010;


·           By 2021, the total budget gap this Council has had to bridge will be a staggering £272 million, since Government austerity measures started in 2010/11;


·           Doncaster Council has lost over 2,000 members of staff since 2010/11, yet is still expected to deliver the same level of service;


·           The local government workforce has endured years of pay restraint, with pay going down in real terms; and


·           Women have been disproportionately affected by the Central Government cuts, as they make up more than three quarters of the Local Government workforce.


This Council believes:-


·           Our workers are public service super heroes.  They work to support our communities across the Borough, and without the dedication of our staff, the services residents rely on would not be deliverable;


·           Local Government funding has already been cut to the extent that a proper pay rise could result in a reduction to local services; and


·           Central Government needs to take responsibility and fully fund increases in pay; it should not put the burden on Local Authorities whose funding has been cut to the bone.


The Council resolves to:-


·           Support the pay claim submitted by GMB, UNISON and Unite on behalf of Council and school workers;


·           Call on the Local Government Association to make urgent representations to Central Government to fund the NJC pay claim; and


·           Write to the Chancellor and Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, to call for a pay rise for Local Government and school workers which is fully funded with new money from Central Government.”


To consider the following Motion, written notice of which has been given by Councillor Ian Pearson and Seconded by Councillor John Healy, in accordance with Council Procedure Rule 16.1:-


“With an increasing ageing population, the need for a joined-up policy on built for life and fit for life across all service provision directly and indirectly provided by Doncaster Council is of significant importance to reduce the needs on both physical and financial resources, on interim care, extended pressures on social budgets, NHS budgets and care homes.  I would like to suggest the following Motion to Council:-


This Council is committed to reducing wherever reasonably practicable, the impact upon its residents on having to move from their long-term living accommodation into hospital/care homes when they are at their most vulnerable and liable to be adversely affected by any change to their lifestyle.  Doncaster Council recognises the creation, in 2010, of the ‘Foundation for Lifetime Homes and Neighbourhoods’.  Doncaster Council along with the Foundation seeks to improve upon the design principles within the built environment and to promote the Lifetime Homes Standard.


Doncaster Council urges the current Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, to continue with the consultation commenced by his predecessor, into mandating higher accessibility standards for new homes.


There is also a need to recognise that homes built in the past do not live up to expectations and fail to meet the basic standards of disabled people.  Therefore, the consultation brief needs to be widened to look at the level of funding for adaptations to existing properties.


The Mayor writes to the Prime Minister and the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government and the Equalities Commission regarding the need to improve upon the design principles within the built environment and to promote the Lifetime Homes Standard.”


Questions by Elected Members in accordance with Council Procedure Rules 15.2 and 15.3:-


(i)        Questions on Notice to the Executive:-


None received for this meeting.


(ii)          Questions without Notice to the Executive and the Chairs of Committee.

For Information and Not Endorsement


To receive the minutes of the following Joint Authorities. pdf icon PDF 487 KB


A.        Sheffield City Region Combined Authority held on 3rd June, 2019.


B.      Sheffield City Region Local Enterprise Partnership Board held on 20th May and 8th July, 2019.


C.      South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority held on 14th June (Extraordinary), 24th June (Annual) and 24th June, (Ordinary) 2019.


D.      South Yorkshire Pensions Authority Local Pension Board held on 25th July, 2019.


E.      South Yorkshire Pensions Authority held on 13th June (Annual) and 13th June (Ordinary) 2019.


F.      South Yorkshire Police and Crime Panel held on 3rd June (Annual) and 1st July, 2019.


G.      Team Doncaster Strategic Partnership held on 28th May and 16th July, 2019.

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