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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
AHWB 050 2018 - Recruit a full time Locum Paediatric Occupational Therapist and extend contracts of 2 locum OTs ref: 150726/06/201826/06/2018Not for call-in
AHWB 039 2018 Carers Emergency Contact Scheme ref: 150619/06/201819/06/2018Not for call-in
AHWB 0292018 - one year extension to museums collection policy ref: 150531/05/201831/05/2018Not for call-in
AHWB 0442018 - Agency Contract Extension - Service Manager Post Community Provision ref: 150402/07/201802/07/2018Not for call-in
AHWB 0382018 - To extend consultant assignment from 1 June to 31 December 2018 ref: 150329/05/201829/05/2018Not for call-in
AHWB 035/2018 - Extend the contract for the Locum Paediatric Occupational Therapist ref: 150231/05/201831/05/2018Not for call-in
AHWB 015/2018 - Waiver re Making Space day centre provision ref: 150113/06/201813/06/2018Not for call-in
AHWB 028 2018 - Novation of the Contract to provide an electronic monitoring system used by the STEPS service from CM2000 to HAS Technology ref: 150031/05/201831/05/2018Not for call-in
AHWB 041/2018 - Strengthen community facilities ref: 149928/06/201828/06/2018Not for call-in
AHWB 034/2018 - Agency Contract Extension ref: 149812/07/201812/07/2018Not for call-in
AHWB 014/2018 - Care Home Third Party Top-up fees ref: 149720/06/201820/06/2018Not for call-in
AHWB 040/2018 - Micro brewery and Tap at Cusworth Hall ref: 149608/06/201808/06/2018Not for call-in
AHWB 033/2018 - DRI & Bassetlaw Knowledge Library & Information Service ref: 149508/05/201808/05/2018Not for call-in
AHWB 011/2018 - Additional Interim Head of Service/Project Lead ref: 149414/03/201814/03/2018Not for call-in
AHWB 042 2018 - 7 day working for Team Leaders and Advanced Practitioners ref: 149312/07/201812/07/2018Not for call-in
PH 2018 09 Well North ref: 149212/07/201812/07/2018Not for call-in
1718204 - Saltersgate Infant School Safeguarding and Access Funding (Round One) ref: 149117/01/201817/01/2018Not for call-in
AHWB/003/2018 - Health and Social Care Transformation Director ref: 148114/02/201814/02/2018Not for call-in
AHWB/064/2017 - Provision of zebra crossing at Melton Road, Sprotbrough ref: 146202/10/201702/10/2017Not for call-in
AHWB/008/2018 - Alignment of Children's and Adults Safeguarding Boards ref: 148009/03/201809/03/2018Not for call-in
AHWB/006/2018 - Re-tender and award the contract for the delivery of Shared Lives Doncaster to start in April 2019 ref: 147922/02/201822/02/2018Not for call-in
AHWB/074/2017 - Extension of Working Age Adults Review Team Contracts ref: 146905/09/201705/09/2017Not for call-in
AHWB/075/2017 - Funding to appoint an agency worker for 2 months to support DCST in drawing through PBR Claims evidence ref: 147131/08/201731/08/2017Not for call-in
RE17 0019 - Purchase of new item of plant as part of the Highways and Street Scene Modernisation Programme ref: 147815/02/201715/02/2017Not for call-in
AHWB/080/2017 - Install Gym Equipment at Denaby Memorial Park ref: 146712/09/201712/09/2017Not for call-in
AHWB/054/2017 - Bentley Miner's Welfare (AFC Bentley) ref: 147318/07/201718/07/2017Not for call-in
AHWB/045/2017 - Novation from Second2None to Clarity Homecare ref: 147429/06/201729/06/2017Not for call-in
AHWB/081/2017 - Extension of Interim Team Manager Intermediate Care Services ref: 146512/09/201712/09/2017Not for call-in
AHWB/060/2017 - Appointment of 2 additional Wellbeing Officers ref: 146412/09/201712/09/2017Not for call-in
RE18 0082 - Approval of sale of land at College Road, Doncaster ref: 149014/06/201814/06/2018Not for call-in
RE18 0075 Waterfront West Project ref: 148913/06/201813/06/2018Not for call-in
RE18 0081 - Appproval to the sale of Rose Hill, Bessacarr ref: 148814/06/201814/06/2018Not for call-in
RE18 0090 Taxi Rank on the Car Park, Market Place, Bawtry ref: 148708/06/201808/06/2018Not for call-in
RE18 0093 Quarry Park CPO ref: 148625/05/201825/05/2018Not for call-in
RE18 0095 Boundary Wall Tickhill Square Denaby ref: 148420/06/201820/06/2018Not for call-in
AHWB/086/2017 - To create x 2 additiional Assessment Officer posts in the Minor Adaptations without Delay (MAWD) Team ref: 146318/09/201718/09/2017Not for call-in
RE18 0079 Asbestos Contracts ref: 148211/06/201811/06/2018Not for call-in
AHWB/098/2017 - Repairs to existing Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) Manvers Park, Mexborough using Section 106 monies ref: 146010/10/201710/10/2017Not for call-in
AHWB/104/2017 - Hull Regional Armed Forces Covenant Partnership Agreement ref: 145820/10/201720/10/2017Not for call-in
AHWB/102/2017 - Innovation Fund ref: 145624/10/201724/10/2017Not for call-in
LOCYP 1718196 - Extension of interim resource capacity via Reed. ref: 148513/02/201813/02/2018Not for call-in
LOCYP 1718193 - Joint Strategic Inspection -SEND Ofsted ref: 148316/01/201816/01/2018Not for call-in
FCS 208 - Interim Internal Audit Support ref: 147718/12/201718/12/2017Not for call-in
1718191 - Review of SEN Provision by Independent Consultant ref: 147620/12/201720/12/2017Not for call-in
1718184 - Business Support Posts ref: 147509/11/201709/11/2017Not for call-in
1718194 - Temp Acc at Kirk Sandall Junior School ref: 147220/12/201720/12/2017Not for call-in
1718207 - Family Hubs and Youth Facilities ref: 147026/01/201826/01/2018Not for call-in
1718211 - Safeguarding and Access Fund (2) ref: 146831/01/201831/01/2018Not for call-in
1718187 - Safeguarding and Access Fund (1) ref: 146630/11/201730/11/2017Not for call-in
1718126 - To commission 4 Childcare Settings ref: 146119/01/201819/01/2018Not for call-in
1718195 - SAIDSEND support officer ref: 145922/12/201722/12/2017Not for call-in
1718185 - Business Support Posts ref: 145709/11/201709/11/2017Not for call-in
RE18 0083 - Disposal of Unity House, Carr Lane by Auction ref: 145314/06/201814/06/2018Not for call-in