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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
RE17 0157 - To procure on-site structural load testing of Stanton 1808 concrete columns by an external provider ref: 117103/11/201703/11/2017Not for call-in
RE17 0159 - Disposal of variou plots of land and buildings by auction ref: 117006/11/201706/11/2017Not for call-in
RE17 0043 - Business Investment Incentive Scheme - Mobile Installation Solutions ref: 117203/04/201703/04/2017Not for call-in
RE17 0071 - Completion of agreement under Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act re potential development of land at Westminster Drive Dunsville ref: 116812/05/201712/05/2017Not for call-in
RE17 0060 - Funding required to procure external legal support for the recruitment and contracting with an energy company partner who will deliver the Council's new energy supply offer to residents and businesses. ref: 116925/04/201725/04/2017Not for call-in
RE17 0050 - Issuing Decision Notice for DN7/Unity Development Planning Application Hatfield/Stainforth Doncaster ref: 116720/04/201720/04/2017Not for call-in
RE17 0055 - Funding of the appointment of Quarterbridge to undertake the Strategic Review of Doncaster Market and progress the designs for the SCRIF Development ref: 116626/04/201726/04/2017Not for call-in
RE17 0061 - Doncaster Growing Together Project ref: 116503/05/201703/05/2017Not for call-in
RE17 0079 - The Old Rocket Site, Misson Springs, Doncaster Section 106 Agreement ref: 116424/05/201724/05/2017Not for call-in
RE17 0078 - Purchase of 26 units on the former Askern Colliery development site from Keepmoat Homes Ltd ref: 116324/05/201724/05/2017Not for call-in
2017/12/PH Doncaster Smoke Free Services ref: 116225/10/201725/10/2017Not for call-in
2017/11/PH/FluVac ref: 116119/09/201719/09/2017Not for call-in
RE017/0048 - WREN funding for Sandall Park Play Area ref: 116013/04/201713/04/2017Not for call-in
Partnership Governance Report - Trent Regional Flood and Coastal Committee ref: 112707/11/201707/11/2017Not for call-in
Edlington Selective Licensing Scheme ref: 112607/11/201707/11/2017Not for call-in
Additional Funding - Services for People with Learning Disabilities (The report is Not for Publication, because it contains details of third party commercial interests, which are exempt as defined within paragraph 3 of Part 1 of Schedule 12 (a) of th ref: 112807/11/201707/11/2017Not for call-in